'Linux gamers have more than six times the average bug reporting rate,' game developers reveal

by Fábio Telles

Koderski of Kodera software, who develops a 2D game with the theme of excavation in space called 'ΔV: Rings of Saturn ' already sold as Early Access, analyzed the bug report sent to the game. , 'On average, Linux gamers have a 550% higher bug reporting rate,' he said.

Despite having just 5.8% sales, over 38% of bug reports come from the Linux community: gamedev

According to a survey conducted by koderski, of the approximately 12,000 'ΔV: Rings of Saturn' sold as Early Access, 700 were purchased by Linux users. When converted, the number of purchases by Linux users is 5.8%, but Linux users report 400 cases, which is more than 38% of all 1040 bug reports. In other words, when viewed as all users, the ratio is '1 bug report per 11.5 users', but for Linux users only, it is '1 bug report per 1.75 users', which is Linux. You can see that the user's bug reporting rate is 650% of the overall average.

Isn't there a lot of bugs only in the Linux version? However, Koderski said that there were only three bugs specific to the Linux version, and he commented that 'the Linux community is very well trained in bug reporting.' 'Only 5.8% of Linux users found 38% of the bugs affecting all users, which is synonymous with having a strong quality assurance team of 700 people, and it's free!' Said.

Furthermore, it is said that Linux user bug reports are excellent not only in the number of cases but also in the content, not the empty bug report such as 'It crashes after a few hours while playing', but the software / OS version, acquisition There are many reports that write down logs, core dumps, how to reproduce the bug, etc., and sometimes Linux users are involved in efforts to isolate the problem through communication means such as Discord.

Regarding the existence of these Linux users, koderski said, 'At least it's beneficial to me. Rather than increasing sales, it's worth the significant increase in feedback and the ability to have a strong, free and 100-person quality assurance team on your side. Yes, this is a particularly irreplaceable asset for an independent game studio. '

In addition, 'ΔV: Rings of Saturn' will enter the highly prosperous space drilling industry in the world view backed by actual physics and science, and develop a business to mine asteroids with Saturn's ring ... The game. The Early Access version is available on Steam and can be purchased for 1010 yen.

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