Facebook was aware that it was part of the Muslim exclusion movement in India

SNS such as Facebook and Twitter are working to reduce discriminatory and incendiary posts. However, many people have pointed out

to Facebook that 'hate speech on Facebook is causing slaughter ' and ' Facebook has failed to prevent the spread of hate speech.' Meanwhile, a new internal Facebook document revealed that Facebook was aware that its services were 'increasing religious hatred in India.'

Facebook Services Are Used to Spread Religious Hatred in India, Internal Documents Show --WSJ

Facebook dithered in curbing divisive user content in India

In India, a large-scale protest was launched following the 2019 legislative amendment to give immigrants nationality. According to Facebook's internal documents, in December 2019, when protests were active, incendiary posts on Facebook had tripled from normal times. In addition, internal documents recorded an increase in posts inciting violence on Facebook and WhatsApp in late February 2020, when the riots in Delhi killed 53 people.

Many of the incendiary posts are aimed at eliminating Muslims, including posts such as 'The spread of the new coronavirus infection is the work of Muslims' and 'Muslims are targeting Hindus.' Was. According to internal documents, Facebook has sent a research team to India to investigate the impact of its services on increasing religious hatred and conducted interviews with dozens of Facebook users.

In the research report, a Hindu man living in Delhi frequently sent very dangerous messages such as 'Hindus are at risk. Muslims are trying to kill us' on Facebook and WhatsApp. 'We have received it,' and many users believed that 'it is Facebook's responsibility to reduce inciting content.' From the description of these internal documents, The Wall Street Journal points out that 'Facebook was aware that its services were producing a large amount of content that encouraged conflict, hatred and violence.'

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In addition, the Facebook group, which gathers users with the same opinion, has a lot of false claims such as postings discussing Islam side by side with pigs and dogs and 'The Quran asks men to rape women'. It was said that. However, it also turned out that those groups had not been suspended because they were 'politically cautious.' In addition, there is a report saying that 'the reason why hate speech measures are not progressing in India is the lack of a technical system for recognizing Hindi and Bengali', and there is a delay in hate speech measures by Facebook. It has become clear.

'The documents viewed by The Wall Street Journal are research reports and do not represent Facebook's corporate position,' said Andy Stone, a Facebook spokeswoman. 'Facebook has a system that supports five languages used in India, such as Hindi and Bengali, and we are working to improve it,' said Stone.

In addition, Facebook issued a statement on October 23, 2021 entitled 'Our Approach to Maintaining a Safe Online Environment in Countries at Risk'. It has announced that it will focus on preventing the spread of inciting content in high-risk countries such as India, Myanmar and Ethiopia. In addition, on October 24, 2021, the statement was updated to include a statement that it will work to enhance hate speech detection in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Urdu, Amharic, Oromo and Burmese. ..

Our Approach to Maintaining a Safe Online Environment in Countries at Risk --About Facebook

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