Will Stripe, a major payment service company, resume support for cryptocurrency payments?

It is reported that Stripe, a major online payment service, is looking for engineers related to cryptocurrencies. Stripe stopped Bitcoin payments in 2018, but it is suspected that it will accept Bitcoin payments again from this job listing.

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Stripe Is Hiring a Crypto Team 3 Years After Ending Bitcoin Support — CoinDesk

Founded in 2011, Stripe is one of the world's largest online payment service providers, processing e-commerce on the scale of tens of trillions of yen annually. In 2014, Stripe announced that it would support Bitcoin as a payment method for the first time in the industry, but stopped supporting Bitcoin in April 2018. As for the reason why Stripe stopped supporting Bitcoin, as a result of Bitcoin's attention as a speculative product, price fluctuations became large, and transaction fees and transaction confirmation time increased significantly. Is listed.

Stripe continued to consider reintroducing cryptocurrencies even after it stopped supporting Bitcoin, sources told CoinDesk, a crypto-related news site. Stripe's president and co-founder, John Collison, was skeptical of cryptocurrencies as of 2018, but in June 2021, he said, 'A very enthusiastic fan of Bitcoin. and to have 'a had been reported.

Furthermore, it became clear that Stripe was looking for an engineer who could handle virtual currencies on LinkedIn, a business-specific SNS. When CoinDesk contacted Stripe about this job, Guillaume Poncin, Head of Engineering and Cryptocurrencies at Stripe, said, 'We have launched a new cryptocurrency engineering team at Stripe. The future of Web 3.0 cryptocurrencies. We are looking for engineers and designers to build, 'and posted the job information on Twitter.

In the job listing, Stripe said, 'As the use of cryptocurrencies expands globally, new and exciting ways for businesses and individuals to trade and create value are emerging from developers and users in this area. Seems to have a growing need for better blockchain construction for accepting payments, transferring funds, exchanging fiat and cryptocurrencies, etc. By focusing on these issues and needs, We aim to build a faster, more reliable and higher quality user experience. '

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