'Rice chicken garlic black pepper & rice shrimp spicy tailoring' is newly introduced in McDonald's rice burger, so I tried it

'Rice chicken garlic black pepper ' and ' rice shrimp spicy tailoring ' are newly introduced in McDonald's rice burger series. Until now, the ingredients and sauces used in standard hamburgers have been seasoned as if they were sandwiched with rice, but this time we have developed ingredients and sauces that are particularly suitable for rice buns. I was wondering what kind of taste it actually had because it was a thing, so I tried it immediately.

The first shrimp from 100% domestic rice burger! Two new products developed to match rice 'Rice chicken garlic black pepper' 'Rice shrimp spicy tailoring' will be on sale for a limited time at 'Night Mac ®' from September 29 (Wednesday) | McDonald's Japan


That's why I bought 'rice chicken garlic black pepper' and 'rice shrimp spicy tailoring' at McDonald's as a takeout. Please note that the rice burger is only available for McDonald's at night after 17:00.

Contents is like this. Each is wrapped in its own paper.

First of all, I will try 'Rice Chicken Garlic Black Pepper' (410 yen including tax). Garlic black pepper sauce, lettuce, cheese and chicken patties are sandwiched under the rice buns.

The diameter of the rice buns is about 7.5 cm.

The rice buns are finished in dark brown and are characterized by a taste like grilled rice balls that are baked with soy sauce. In addition, 100% domestic rice is used for rice buns.

When I actually tried it, 'Rice Chicken Garlic Black Pepper' goes well with soy sauce-based sauce, crispy fried chicken, and rice buns. Both the rice buns and the sauce are based on soy sauce, so the taste is well organized, and the crispy texture of chicken and the taste of meat are well combined, and the degree of perfection that sets it apart from conventional rice burgers. I thought that only cheese would float, but cheese is a side dish in a good sense, and it adds a gentle richness.

Next, I will try 'Rice Shrimp Spicy Tailoring' (440 yen including tax). The ingredients are red pepper and garlic sauce, lettuce, and shrimp cutlet.

Both minced shrimp and peeled shrimp are used for the shrimp cutlet, but the crispy texture is considerably inferior to the cutlet and rice buns, and the overall texture of the rice buns is stronger. The taste is stronger with a sauce with red pepper, and it is more ethnic than 'rice chicken garlic black pepper' which is finished in Japanese style as a whole. When eaten after 'rice chicken garlic black pepper', the texture is vague as a whole, and the taste is strong with chili peppers, and it seems that it goes well with rice.

'Rice chicken garlic black pepper' and 'Rice shrimp spicy tailoring' are on sale for a limited time at McDonald's nationwide from September 29, 2021 (Wednesday). The selling price is 410 yen including tax for 'Rice Chicken Garlic Black Pepper' and 440 yen including tax for 'Rice Shrimp Spicy Tailoring'.

In addition, along with the new release of 'Rice Chicken Garlic Black Pepper' and 'Rice Shrimp Spicy Tailoring', 'Rice Teriyaki' is also being reprinted and sold. 'Rice teriyaki' is a rice burger with a sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce and pork patties that goes well with rice. In the review at the time of new release, GIGAZINE commented that it is recommended for people who are 'interested in rice burgers but do not want to adventure ...'.

I've eaten all 3 types of rice burgers such as McDonald's 'Rice Bacon Lettuce' where the evening meal is sprinkled with grilled rice balls x standard burgers --GIGAZINE

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