Survey results of shocks related to AI such as '40% or more people answered that they have sex with robots'

'Fear of AI and AI Trends for 2021 ', which investigates how the general public thinks about AI and robots, has been released. In the survey, there was a question 'Under what circumstances do you welcome AI technology?', And 48% of male respondents answered 'sexual activity', and the shocking results are clear.

Will AI Take Your Job? Fear of AI and AI Trends for 2021

Tidio , a customer service and chatbot provider, conducted an online survey of 1225 people to investigate what people think about AI. Of the respondents, 55% were male and 45% were female, with an average age of 39 and a standard deviation of 13. From these respondent attributes, Tidio states, 'I think the findings can be applied to the average American.'

The first question that was investigated was 'Will AI replace humans?' One of the concerns about AI is ' taking away human work ', but we found that the number of people who have such concerns depends on their educational background. According to a survey, 68.5% of people with a degree think that AI will rob humans of their jobs within a few years. 55% of respondents did not have a degree, indicating that those with a degree think that AI robs humans of their jobs.

In addition, typical jobs that are thought to replace AI are cashiers, drivers, translators, and so on. Others include stock-related work, customer service, accounting, cleaning staff, bartenders, and waiters.

Conversely, artists, musicians, therapists, police, doctors, lawyers, nurses, engineers, machinists, etc. are considered to be jobs that are difficult to replace with AI.

There are also gender differences in how we perceive robots and AI. Overall, 20% more male respondents were more willing to interact with robots and AI than female respondents.

Most of the people who answered 'I want to interact' with various robots and AI such as Cortana, Spot, and Peper were basically men. However, there are differences depending on the type of robot / AI, and about 75% of both men and women answered that they would like to interact with Pepper, while in the case of the chatbot 'Kuki', 73% of men and 44 women. In the case of the female robot ' Sophia ', the difference was large, with 50% for men and 29% for women. In addition, the 'uncanny valley phenomenon ' has been confirmed, in which disgust increases as the appearance approaches humans.

Words to describe the robot were also investigated. Many positive words are 'Cute', 'Fun', and 'Elegant', while negative words are 'Scary', 'Creepy', and 'Creepy'. It seems that there were many words such as 'Weird'.

Also, when asked 'What kind of situation would you like to welcome AI?', The top three jobs that are most welcomed are 'house cleaning,' 'meal preparation,' 'budget planning and tax payment.' was. On the contrary, the three uses that were judged to be inappropriate are 'building a romantic relationship,' 'sexual activity,' and 'recording a job interview and letting them decide whether or not to get a job.' There is also a gender difference in sexual activity, with 48% of male respondents welcoming sexual intercourse with human robots, compared to 33% of females. In addition, 43% of male respondents affirmed that they would establish a romantic relationship with robots, while 33% of female respondents, showing that there are slightly more male respondents.

Robots have various concerns, but on the contrary, when ranking 'things that are not concerned', 'retaliation against humans', 'take over the world', and 'declare war' are ranked high. However, about half of the respondents seem to be concerned about these three matters as well.

In addition, 95% of respondents believe that AI is used by large companies to automate their businesses, while 70% believe that AI will make people's lives more convenient. I stayed at. 68% of respondents are also concerned that AI will only be controlled by some high net worth individuals.

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