I tried using 'ELYZA DIGEST' that AI summarizes any sentence in 3 lines

When reading long business texts, emails, web pages, novels, etc., you often feel

like 'I want you to explain in about three lines.' 'ELYZA DIGEST ' developed by ELYZA, an AI company from the University of Tokyo's Matsuo laboratory, says that AI will summarize the contents in three lines just by entering the text or the URL of the website. .. I was wondering how accurate it would be to summarize, so I actually used it to check the accuracy.


The top page of ELYZA DIGEST looks like this. The function is appealing as 'AI summarizes any sentence in 3 lines!'.

If you scroll down the top page, the URL and text input fields will appear.

First, let's summarize

the GIGAZINE article about the App Store. Enter the URL of the article ' https://gigazine.net/news/20210827-apple-app-store-children-risk/ ' in the input field, read the terms of use carefully, check it, and 'Start Summary' Click.

The result looks like this. Although there are elements other than the article body such as 'new article' and 'related article' on the article page of GIGAZINE, ELYZA DIGEST has succeeded in summarizing the main points of the article body.

At ELYZA DIGEST, a small model for demonstration is used, and there are cases where accuracy is insufficient. Actually, when I summarized the article of GIGAZINE that reviewed ASUS's high-end smartphone ' Zenfone 8 ', it was displayed that 'I am actually eating'ZENFONE 8'' and the editorial staff ate the smartphone It has been done. The expression 'actual food' does not appear in the article, and it is unknown where it came from.

Next, I decided to enter a sentence instead of the URL to summarize it. This time, I entered all the text of

'Run Meros'.

The summary result of Run Meros is like this. Melos's friend Serinuntius, who should have been released safely during the film, has been murdered many times.

I was wondering what would happen if I entered a short sentence of less than 3 lines, so when I entered the haiku '

Kaki Kueba Bell Rings Nari Horyuji ', 'The sentence is too short' is displayed with an error code. Could not be summarized.

When I actually used ELYZA DIGEST, it may be summarized accurately depending on the sentence, but probably because it is a demo version, the summary result different from the intended content of the text is often displayed, 'This If you have it, you don't have to read a long sentence! ' However, some sentences may output a pleasant summary result, so it may be interesting to enter various sentences and try them out.

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