Oculus releases open beta version of Horizon Workrooms, a virtual conference room where teams can collaborate

Oculus has announced an open beta of Horizon Workrooms, a virtual meeting room that facilitates team collaboration and communication. The app is available as a free download on Oculus Quest 2.

Announcing Horizon Workrooms: Rebuilding Remote Collaboration | Oculus


You can see what 'Horizon Workrooms' is like by watching the following movie.

Horizon Workrooms --Remote Collaboration Reimagined --YouTube

A woman wearing Oculus Quest 2 behaved like scanning a keyboard on her desk.

'Horizon Workrooms' is a virtual meeting room where even people working remotely can gather in the same place.

You can share your ideas on the whiteboard that comes with your room.

What you typed on your keyboard is ...

The same input will be made on the virtual keyboard brought into the virtual meeting room by scanning earlier. You can take notes and check the files at hand during the meeting.

The woman moved the controller indoors to create a virtual whiteboard.

The content written here is ...

It will be reflected on the virtual whiteboard.

You can leave the contents of the whiteboard as it is for as long as you need it, and you can output it as an image to your PC at any time.

Also, if you don't have a VR headset, you can join the virtual room with a video call. The maximum number of people in the meeting room is 16 for VR and 50 for video calls.

You can use the 'Horizon Workrooms' service for free, but you need a 'Workrooms' account in addition to your Oculus and Facebook accounts.

Andrew Bosworth, vice president of VR-related business on Facebook, tweeted how he actually used it. The avatar on the right is participating without scanning the keyboard, so it behaves as if it were hitting the void.

We have received several reports from Japanese users that it is quite convenient.

A video of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook responding to an interview in a studio set up in a virtual space is also released.

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