International Trade Commission finds Google infringing Sonos patent on smart speaker

The US International Trade Commission has ruled that Google may infringe Sonos' patent in a proceeding between

Google and Sonos over a smart speaker patent. This is a preliminary decision, and the final decision will be made in December 2021, but if a settlement is not reached, not only smart speakers, but also smartphones that connect to speakers and use the same technology, Pixel and Chromecast Sales may also be suspended.

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Founded in 2001, Sonos is a manufacturer that handles only smart speaker products. In 2013, Sonos partnered with Google to support Google Play Music and shared multi-room speaker technology with Google. According to Sonos, Google uses the technology for Chromecast Audio, Pixel, etc. without permission. In January 2020, he filed a proceeding against Google for ignoring repeated warnings.

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Google has also sued Sonos in response to Sonos' patent infringement lawsuit, resulting in a legal battle between the two companies in the United States, Germany, Canada, France and the Netherlands. In May 2021, a German court granted Google patent infringement and issued a provisional disposition ordering an injunction to sell products using Google Cast technology.

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This time, the US International Trade Commission, like a German court, has determined that Google infringes five Sonos patents. The final decision will be made on December 13, 2021.

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