Major hosting company announces price increase of IPv4 address whose rarity value continues to rise

Germany's major hosting company Hetzner has announced a price increase for IPv4 addresses as the value of IPv4 addresses, which are running low, continues to rise due to the IPv4 address exhaustion problem.

IPv4 pricing --Hetzner Docs

Hetzner said on July 28, 2021 'RIPE , the IP address management agency in Europe, has stopped allocating IPv4 addresses due to the almost exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. This situation caused the price of IPv4 addresses to skyrocket. 'We have accepted financial losses to maintain our prices, but unfortunately we have to raise our IPv4 addresses due to the sharp rise in prices in recent years.' Announced price increase for IPv4 address.

When ordering a new IPv4 address from Hetzner after August 2, 2021, you will be required to pay a 'setup fee' in addition to the normal monthly fee. In addition, the monthly fee will be increased from January 3, 2022. For example, the monthly fee per IPv4 address at the time of article creation is 0.84 euros (about 109 yen), but if you order after August 2, 2021, a setup fee of 19 euros (about 2470 yen) will be required. After January 3, 2022, the monthly fee will increase to 1.70 euros (about 221 yen).

Hetzne said in announcing the price revision of IPv4, 'IPv4 addresses have the potential to maintain very high demand in the future, so the value of IPv4 addresses will continue to rise and will rise again in the future. We believe it is necessary. The price of IPv4 may remain high until the popularity of IPv6 grows, 'he said, indicating the possibility of raising the price of IPv4 again by the time IPv6 becomes widespread.

In response to the announcement of the price revision of Hetzne,

Hacker News on the online bulletin board said, 'There are many services that do not support IPv6, so we can not proceed with the transition to IPv6.' There are many shared reasons why the transition to IPv6 is not progressing, such as 'There is only one and there are few options' and 'As soon as I switched my home line to IPv6, it was detected as a bot'. ..

If you check the IPv6 usage status of Google users published by Google, the IPv6 usage rate is increasing year by year, reaching nearly 35% in 2021. In response to this situation, Google is proceeding with IPv6 support, such as making external IPv6 addresses available for virtual machine instances on Google Cloud on July 20, 2021.

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