If you want to be physically and mentally healthy, hiking is recommended, why?

Hiking along the mountain trails while enjoying the natural scenery is a healthy activity. Regarding hiking, which has been rapidly increasing in popularity due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in recent years, Lindsay Bottoms, director of the Center for Psychology and Sports Science, University of Hertfordshire, England, said, ' Hiking is a heart. It is also good for your health . ' I will explain the reason.

Hiking workouts aren't just good for your body – they're good for your mind too

In terms of 'walking', hiking on mountain roads and walking around your home are common, but hiking involves changes in altitude such as going up and down hills, walking on uneven terrain, and depending on the person. The difference is that you wear hiking shoes that are heavier than your usual shoes. Because of these differences, Hiking consumes more calories than walking, and exercise intensity is 1.5 times higher, Bottoms claims. Since hiking basically takes several hours to a day, the World Health Organization (WHO) goal of 'moderate aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes a week' can be achieved.

Previous studies have shown that exercise not only improves health, sleep, stress management, etc., but also reduces the risk of dementia, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, colon cancer, etc. is known.

Running 50 minutes or more a week reduces your risk of heart disease and cancer-GIGAZINE

According to Bottoms, studies have shown that hiking, in particular, reduces the weight of adults in the Prediabetes Army, improves cardiovascular health, and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Health benefits such as strengthening muscles, improving balance, and improving flexibility have been confirmed even in obese elderly people. Further, trekking poles used Nordic walking in, walking intensity is increased on the upper body is trained by the action of trekking poles, such as even weight loss and muscle strengthening in people with chronic diseases such as Parkinson's disease as well as people without chronic disease Various effects are recognized .

In this way, hiking can be expected to have many beneficial effects on the body, but Director Bottoms points out that 'it also makes the mind healthy.' Hiking is an act of physical activity in nature because it walks on mountain roads. The act of exercising in nature is called 'green exercise,' and recent studies have shown that green exercise not only lowers blood pressure, but also makes you feel better than indoor exercise and significantly improves your risk of depression. The effect of making it is also confirmed.

Bottoms mentions a case where a so-called 'green prescription' was piloted across the UK , recommending spending time in green nature instead of prescribing medicines that were done in some parts of Scotland. Medical professionals argue that hiking should be recommended to patients if possible as a low-cost way to improve their health.

What is a 'green prescription' that is prescribed instead of medicine? --GIGAZINE

Bottoms director, as a result of the gym at the same time as growing interest in health by the epidemic of COVID-19 has been closed, that hiking has regained popularity survey results cited, 'hiking, the mental and physical health It's a great way to improve. Many people will spend their 2021 vacation locally, but hiking is a great way to get away from home and explore new attractions. ' I will.

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