Sony inadvertently releases a commercial with the PS5 installed upside down

On July 8, 2021, Sony

posted a movie ad on Twitter titled 'Father Playing God of War and Ending the Day', but the post was immediately deleted. The reason for this is that the PS5 was installed upside down, according to game news media Kotaku .

PS5 Ad Pulled By Sony Seemingly For Showing Upside Down Console

This is a screenshot of the movie that was actually released.

The PS5 installed under the TV has a disc insertion slot on top.

The PS5 supports both vertical and horizontal installation, but when it was installed horizontally, there was confusion among users that 'I don't know which side is on top'. Correct every way is the form in which the insertion opening of the disk is on the bottom as below, but referred to as 'hard to put a disk'

also raised voice .

Also, when Hermen Hulst, who is in charge of PlayStation Studios, uploaded a movie 'A cat is attacking your home TV', PS5 was turned upside down, which became a

hot topic in December 2020. I did . Hulst immediately deleted the movie and replaced it with a version that did not show the PS5, but in this case it is pointed out that 'even the person in charge of PlayStation Studios puts the PS5 upside down.' It will be.

The movie ad that Sony newly posted on Twitter and deleted is also reminiscent of the PS5 design problem. Kotaku writer Ian Walker says he puts the PS5 vertically, but says, 'If you put it horizontally, the PS5 will look better if you put it upside down. I'm sorry for making the movie ad. I think the assistant thought the same way. '

In addition, Sony has not commented on this matter.

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