Epic Games Offers Free Voice Chat and Anti-Cheat Tools for Developers

Epic Games, which develops the popular game ' Fort Knight ' and the game engine ' Unreal Engine ', announced that it will provide developers with 'voice chat that can be implemented in games ' and ' anti-cheat service' for free. The two services will be provided as part of the Epic Online Services development tool for Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Epic Online Services Launches Free In-Game Voice and Easy Anti-Cheat --Unreal Engine

Epic Games adds anti-cheat, multiplayer chat, to free developer tools --Polygon

'Voice ' is a voice communication service that can be equipped with cross-platform voice chat in the game being developed using Unreal Engine. Prior to its release, Voice is being experimentally incorporated into 'Fort Knight,' which can be played on multiple platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. High quality and stable voice chat is possible even between different platforms.

Voice chat by Voice is done via the back-end server of the development toolkit 'Epic Online Services', and Epic Games side handles all the processing such as server scaling for Voice, quality maintenance and maintenance, multi-region support thing.

The following movie also explains what kind of tool Voice is.

Epic Online Services'Voice' | Free Voice Chat | Unreal Engine --YouTube

Epic Games also announced the availability of an anti- cheat tool, Easy Anti-Cheat. Easy Anti-Cheat also works in games that allow multiplayer across different platforms and can detect the use of cheat tools. Epic Games emphasizes that 'Easy Anti-Cheat can handle millions of users at the same time during peak hours.'

It also integrates seamlessly with Epic Online Services' Player sanctions and Player reports, and features continuous updates as cheat tools evolve.

The following movie is an animation explaining Easy Anti-Cheat by Epic Games.

Epic Online Services'Easy Anti-Cheat' | Protect PC Games | Unreal Engine --YouTube

Epic Games says, 'It can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to control voice communications and prevent fraud in popular online games. Epic Games makes these online services free for everyone. By providing it, more developers aim to build cross-platform games, connect the player community, grow the gaming industry, and realize the Metaverse vision. '

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