'Pepsi <raw>' 'Pepsi <raw> zero' tasting review that realized the highest level of exhilaration in Pepsi history with carefully selected 'raw cola spice'

As new products of the cola brand ' PEPSI ', 'Pepsi <raw> ' and ' Pepsi <raw> zero ' appeared on June 22, 2021 (Tuesday). By blending 'raw cola spices' selected from dozens of spices, you can actually drink and see what kind of taste the new cola has achieved, which is the highest level of exhilaration in Pepsi history. I did.

pepsi <raw> Suntory

The packages of 'Pepsi <raw>' (left) and 'Pepsi <raw> zero' (right) look like this. 'Pepsi <raw>' has blue cap and package lines, and 'Pepsi <raw> zero' is black.

Large letters 'raw' are printed on the package ...

The package of 'Pepsi <raw> zero', which is a zero-calorie type, was described as 'zero calories', 'zero sugar', and 'zero sugar'.

First of all, I will try 'Pepsi <raw>'.

Looking at the raw material names, it contains sugars (fructose corn syrup, sugar), salt, carbonic acid, acidulants, caramel color, flavors, and caffeine. The new formulation 'raw cola spice' is said to be used as part of the fragrance.

Calories are 46 kcal per 100 ml. Since the content of one bottle is 600 ml, it is 276 kcal per bottle.

When I poured 'Pepsi <raw>' into the cup, the carbonic acid was not as strong as I expected, and it felt like a slight carbonic acid.

When you drink it, the scent of spices reminiscent of citrus fruits spreads in your mouth, and the refreshing aftertaste continues until after you drink it. The overall sweetness was modest, so I was able to enjoy the spice flavor without being disturbed by the sweetness.

Comparing with normal Pepsi, this one has stronger carbonic acid than 'Pepsi <raw>', and the sweetness is felt firmly instead of the weak spice flavor. I was able to realize how intense the spice of 'Pepsi <raw>' was.

Next, try drinking the zero-calorie type 'Pepsi <raw> zero'.

Looking at the raw material names, they are salt, carbon dioxide, caramel color, acidulant, fragrance, citric acid K, sweetener (aspartame L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K, sucralose), and caffeine ...

Of course, there are no calories. The content is 600ml, the same as 'Pepsi <raw>'.

When you pour 'Pepsi <raw> zero' into a cup, the carbonic acid is still modest.

Immediately after drinking, the flavor of artificial sweets is felt in addition to the aroma of spices, and the taste is more stimulating than 'Pepsi <raw>'. Certainly, the spice feeling is firmly felt, but the flavor of the sweetener remains strong in the aftertaste, so the overall impression was a drink that was quite different from 'Pepsi <raw>'.

'Pepsi <raw>' and 'Pepsi <raw> zero' have been on sale nationwide since June 22, 2021 (Tuesday), and the suggested retail price is 140 yen.

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