Apple shows the possibility of managing health with AirPods in addition to iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple has revealed that it may collect comprehensive data from three products: iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods to manage user health. Apple is trying to find the possibility to build a new health care system by utilizing the sensors installed in each device.

Future AirPods might add to Apple's health monitoring ecosystem

In an interview with Kevin Lynch, Apple's vice president of technology, overseas media TechCrunch found that Apple has 20 types of data such as heart rate and sleep information that can be collected by iOS 15 and Apple Watch. It has become clear that the policy is to enable users to manage their health more appropriately by using data that can be collected from the fall detection function. When asked in an interview, 'What possibilities do you think AirPods will open up if you include your own sensors to complement your data?' Lynch said, ' Sensor fusion between several devices already. I think there are all possibilities. '

Apple offers several features that allow you to manage your health on your device. For example, the high heart rate alert on the Apple Watch detects the user's movement and heart rate, detects an abnormal increase in heart rate that occurs when the user is not moving violently, and notifies the user. It has saved the lives of multiple users .

Lynch and marketer Deedley Cardebeck also talk about the features on the Apple Watch in the video below.

Apple Watch VP — It Has to Work in 2 Seconds! --YouTube

The latest OS 'watchOS 8 ' of Apple Watch announced by Apple on June 8, 2021 has added a function called 'walking stability'. This is a new feature that shows how stable the walking of Apple Watch wearers is, but it is based on the fall detection feature introduced in 2018. The gait stability feature was created by Apple combining fall data from 100,000 collaborators with heart and movement research data.

In the future, it is said that it will build a mechanism to encrypt user's health information without being known by Apple and send it to medical institutions.

'There is definitely an opportunity to discover ways to empower users who think about health issues, and we will continue to investigate. We look forward to hearing from users who take advantage of the new features added in WatchOS 8. I am doing it. '

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