I tried 'freshly baked lemon custard apple pie' with a refreshing sour lemon custard cream added to the apple filling that seems to spill from 144 layers of dough

'Freshly baked lemon custard apple pie ' has been released for a limited time from

'RINGO ', a store specializing in freshly baked custard apple pie. It is said that RINGO's special custard apple pie has the refreshing aroma and acidity of lemon puree, peel and juice, so I actually tried it.

The brand's first! New early summer reward pie with a refreshing scent of lemon 'Freshly baked lemon custard apple pie' will be on sale for a limited time at 15 stores in Japan from Thursday, May 20, 2021! --Freshly baked custard apple pie specialty store RINGO

Arrived at RINGO.

At the store I went to this time, the glass in the store was designed to appeal to the 'freshly baked lemon custard apple pie' for a limited time.

I bought it and brought it back.

This is the 'freshly baked lemon custard apple pie' (520 yen including tax).

The top surface is topped with croquembouche and sugar powder.

From the ripe akebi-like cuts on the sides, the filling of diced apples looks into the face.

Below is a picture of opening the puff pastry from this crevice.

The apple filling is a diced apple filling that

uses 30% of Aomori's 'leaf and sardine apples ', with lemon puree, peel, and juice added.

As for the cream, lemon curd is added to the custard cream using milk from Hokkaido.

When I tried it, the refreshing flavor of lemon was outstanding, and I thought, 'What about lemon pie?' However, as I chewed, the gentle sweetness of the apple filling and custard cream became stronger, and finally the taste of apple and lemon was felt in a well-balanced manner. The dough is light and has a texture that feels like layers of thin clothing, and when it hits your teeth, you can hear a faint sound of 'crispy ...'. The crispy dough was accented with croquembouche and sugar powder toppings that give a crunchy impact each time you chew.

RINGO 'Freshly baked lemon custard apple pie' can be purchased at 15 stores in Japan except Terrace Mall Matsudo. The sale period will end from May 20, 2021 (Thursday) as soon as it runs out.

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