What are the 'special features' that Apple has given permission to Zoom?

Apple says it will 'treat all apps fairly', but it turns out that it had

given special access to the streaming service 'Hulu' and had a secret agreement with Amazon to cut the fee by half. doing. Meanwhile, Jeremy Provost, the developer of apps for macOS and iOS , discovered that the new meeting app Zoom has been licensed by Apple to use special features.

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Probost, who also develops multiple Zoom-related apps , noticed that when Zoom and other apps are launched at the same time using the iPad OS 's split screen function ' Split View', video calls on Zoom can be continued. It was.

According to Provost, Apple does not allow third-party apps to use the camera while running Split View. Provost Mr. how to access the camera during the execution of the Split View to Zoom

query result, developers of Zoom is called 'com.apple.developer.avfoundation.multitasking-camera-access' entitlement functions of the problem by I replied that it was realized.

Mr. Provost immediately tried to ask Apple to grant an entitlement, but the document about the desired entitlement was not released. 'I understand that this entitlement can be abused, so it makes sense that it requires a special approval process like the CarPlay entitlement,' said Provost. 'But Apple's I don't understand the fact that there is a private approval process that only preferred partners can access. It's not 'fairly treat all apps' while Apple offers special features to specific developers. '.

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