Far-right extremists announce death threats to PornHub executives, what is the reality of sex industry discrimination that is becoming more radical?

In February 2021, a radical Christian group named the real name of a PornHub executive on the SNS 'Gab ', which is gaining popularity from right-wing people, with an image saying 'If not sentenced to death, members will execute this person.' I posted it. In recent years, the movement of far-right radicals to attack the sex industry with the aim of 'preventing human trafficking' has become active online, and Motherboard of overseas media about the actual situation of sex industry discrimination in the United States I am reporting.

The Crusade Against Pornhub Is Going to Get Someone Killed

A radical neo-Nazi Christian group who posted to Gab alluding to the murder of PornHub executives called PornHub's parent company MindGeek a 'cartel' and MindGeek's location Canada did not sentence PornHub executives to death. If so, the members themselves claim to be executed. In the post, the hashtag of '#Traffickinghub', an activity calling for the closure of PornHub, developed by Exodus Cry, a non-profit organization that appeals not only for illegal sex trafficking but also for the abolition of the legal commercial sex industry, is used. It was said that it was.

The same group also posted an image of a man wearing a bulletproof vest and a shotgun in a MindGeek office with the words 'SHUT IT DOWN!' Overlaid on a composite photo. The caption for this image also included a caption in honor of Exodus Cry. In fact, Exodus Cry wants to shut down PornHub altogether, and in a blog post in October 2020, he called for the identity of MindGeek executives to be brought to justice. You can see the similarity with the content posted by.

Other radical groups have also posted images wearing T-shirts sold by Exodus Cry, some of which appealed for 'the abolition of the rights of sex workers and transgenders engaged in the sex industry.' These radical groups resonated with Exodus Cry's ideas: 'All sex work is associated with trafficking, eradicating the porn industry and providing sexual services to massage shops is a den of criminal activity.' Claims. On the other hand, when Motherboard asked Exodus Cry for comment, Exodus Cry did not call for direct violence against PornHub and blamed these posts for inciting violence.

Exodus Cry is primarily trying to close PornHub using the power of politics and social media, but similar expressions and the Exodus Cry name are also used by people who want to use their power to solve problems. A spokeswoman for PornHub said, 'The rampant anti-pornographic expression has dramatically increased death threats and exposures to employees,' to many who make a living using the platform. Commented that it was also having an adverse effect. Mary Moody, founder of the Adult Industry Laborers & Artists Association, a sex industry advocacy group, also accused sex workers of violent messages from extremists.

According to Motherboard, there are hundreds of anti-trafficking organizations in the United States alone, many promoting models that consider the sex industry itself to be a criminal offense. Sex worker advocates and international human rights groups such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have turned this model into a dangerous and unobtrusive model rather than eliminating the sex industry, which poses a danger and exploitation to sex workers. Claims to increase. He claims that sex workers need a complete decriminalization of the sex industry.

While sexual trafficking is certainly a problem that should be eradicated, anti-trafficking organizations have the problem of equating the entire legitimate sex industry, including PornHub, with exploitation by trafficking. Originally, trafficking and the sex industry are delicate and complex issues, but anti-trafficking organizations avoid subtle discussions by replacing them with the radical expression 'against sexual slavery' and are political. He said he is getting support and funding.

When Motherboard contacted several anti-trafficking organizations calling for the eradication of sexual trafficking, no group agreed with violent posts like those posted on Gab, but denied pornography and sex work online. He also denied the idea that making a typical post would lead to real-world violence. In addition, Laila Mickelwait, the founder of Exodus Cry, suggests that the post by the radicals using Exodus Cry may be 'Isn't it a self-made performance by PornHub?'

People online to eradicate the sex industry are close to anti-trafficking organizations like Exodus Cry, as well as insel and anti-masturbation groups seeking causes of their lack of sexual experience. That thing. Allegations made by these groups are also said to have influenced real-world violent crimes.

White supremacism and anti-pornographic beliefs have long overlapped: 'Jews dominate the porn industry,' 'the sex industry corrupts white women,' and 'promotes interracial sexual relations. Many white supremacists have strong anti-pornographic feelings from the idea of 'inhibiting mutual reproduction.' For example, the alt-right group Proud Boys has a rule that 'all members should refrain from pornography' and has an asceticism that limits masturbation to once a month.

In fact, violent crimes against sex workers have been repeated, and in March 2020, a massage shop around Atlanta, Georgia was shot, killing eight people, including six Asian women . .. It was reported that the criminal claimed that the motive of the case was 'I have a problem of sexual addiction' and regarded women engaged in the sex industry as 'the temptation to eliminate'.

Although it is not clear whether the women who were actually killed were sex workers or whether the massage shop provided sexual services in the first place, Exodus Cry said in a Facebook post that the victims of the shooting were Claimed to have been a victim of human trafficking. Although he described the tragedy as 'the victim was not able to escape exploitation before he was killed,' there are no words to blame the criminal.

'It's a hate propaganda think tank that puts the lives of sex workers at risk,' Moody accused of anti-trafficking organizations that turn massage shops into sexual crime dens. Even tragedy such as the Atlanta shootings, these groups complained that 'it is related to global racism and misogyny, and the sex industry, including massage shops and pornography, lays the foundation for racial and discrimination against women.' Moody said it is a tool for eradicating the sex industry.

Some anti-trafficking organizations believe that massage shops provide sexual services, so they 'watch people in and out of the massage shop and list who received sexual services from their time of stay. There are also cases of activities such as 'monitoring people in tightly dressed people in Korean Town.' According to a person who actually infiltrated the anti-trafficking organization, such activities did not actually encounter the scene of trafficking, but an organization that justifies monitoring and harassment of sex workers. There are not a few.

While social media platforms are increasingly regulating hate speech, including white supremacy, discrimination against the sex industry and criticism of sex workers are not included in the regulation. For example, if someone commented that 'pornography is the worst problem on the planet and the sex industry needs to be eliminated,' this statement can be flagged as 'hate speech to the sex industry and sex workers.' It's never the case, so it's difficult to reduce discrimination against the sex industry online.

The United States has a long history of blaming the sex industry as a cause of social problems, and Exodus Cry makes it easier to accept the true claim of eradicating the sex industry in the name of preventing human trafficking. 'The fact remains that Exodus Cry and others are radicals aiming to abolish adult content,' Moody said, adding that it's a source of concern and fear for sex workers.

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