Why do people like to kiss?

In movies and dramas, it is common to see couples in love kissing each other, but few people think deeply about why lovers kiss each other. The question, 'Why do people like to kiss?' Is explained by

Robert Brooks , a lecturer in evolutionary biology at the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Curious Kids: why do people like to kiss? Do other animals kiss?

The reason why many people kiss is 'because it feels good', but the question 'why does kissing feel good?' thing. However, Brooks shows the benefits of kissing from several perspectives.

First, when a couple kisses for the first time, they can get closer, but in order to kiss, they need to trust each other and put them in their personal space. If you don't want to get close enough to kiss the other person, or if you feel uncomfortable with the other person's body odor or touching your skin, then the other person is not a good partner. The body teaches.

'Kissing helps us decide if others are the right people to be in the family,' Brooks said. One way adults can kiss each other as a family. Claims to be a sign. On the other hand, if you can't enjoy kissing, it may not be suitable for you to spend a lot of time together raising a child.

If the couple loves and trusts the other person so much that they can kiss each other, the sense of solidarity gained from the kiss will make them even more fond of and trust the other person. Even for couples who have been together for years, the number of kisses has been

found to be related to sexual and relationship satisfaction, and couples and couples who have increased the frequency of kisses Studies have shown that stress and cholesterol levels improve.

Also, when two people kiss, they will receive not a little of the bacteria that the other person has and will give the bacteria that they have to the other person, but Brooks suggests that there may be a reasonable reason for this as well. .. If you spend a lot of time as a couple or a couple with someone, you are more likely to be exposed to the bacteria they have in some way, which may result in illness. If you are reluctant to kiss because you may get sick, you may not be ready to become a family member.

Chimpanzees and bonobos kiss even animals in the natural world, but kissing is not common in all cultures living on the earth, and some people do not kiss as an expression of dearness. In a 2015

study , we surveyed people from 168 different cultures to see if two people in a romantic relationship kiss. As a result, only 46% of the total kissed romantically, less than half.

People with a 'non-kissing culture' living in sub-Saharan Africa, New Guinea, and the Amazon rainforest have feelings of 'interesting' and 'dislike' when they see pictures of kissing couples. People in these cultures are the same as couples and families with someone, and have other ways of physical contact to ensure intimacy.

The culture of kissing two people in a romantic relationship seems to be more common in large and complex societies where many people live different lives. “In these situations, finding and maintaining a partner is not so easy, so kissing can be important in finding a romantic partner,” Brooks said.

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