The gameplay video of the Dreamcast version of 'Akumajo Dracula' that ended without being released will be released for the first time

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Akumajo Dracula ' series, which has sold more than 20 million units , there is a title 'Castlevania: Resurrection' whose development was discontinued without actually being released. The gameplay video of 'Castlevania: Resurrection', which never appeared in the world without being announced, has been released for the first time.

Someone Might Have Found A Canceled Castlevania Dreamcast Prototype

A disc of 'Castlevania: Resurrection', which was being developed as a title for Dreamcast, was discovered. The first 'Castlevania: Resurrection' gameplay is available on the YouTube channel cvr exists .

Castlevania Resurrection Exists! --YouTube

A disc with handwritten characters 'Castlevania: Resurrection' is now available. This disc is like a rewritable GD-ROM developed by Sega. 'May 11, 1999' is written on the date part of the disc, and 'KCEA' is written on the company name part. KCEA seems to have been given to a subsidiary of Konami.

The Dreamcast logo is displayed ...

Then the title logo 'Castlevania: Resurrection' is displayed.

Use the controller to control the character. It seems that it is a 3D action game instead of a 2D side-scrolling action.

It's unclear whether the battle-related system is implemented just by moving the character, probably because it's playing in debug mode.

Multiple stages are prepared, and various gimmicks on the stage are prepared. It seems that it will be attacked by the enemy, but even if it falls into the magma, it has not been damaged, and it can be seen that many functions are still unfinished.

According to the site 'Unseen64 ' that summarizes information about canceled game titles, 'Castlevania: Resurrection' is a title whose main character is Sonia Belmond, who is the main character of 'Akumajo Dracula Jet Black Prelude'. It was announced at E3 in 1999 and featured in the September 1999 issue of Dreamcast Magazine, published in the United Kingdom, but the project was quietly canceled in March 2003.

The following is a trailer movie of 'Castlevania: Resurrection' that was played at the time of announcement at E3 1999.

Castlevania: Resurrection (E3 1999 Trailer)-YouTube

'Castlevania: Resurrection,' Jason Lee Elliott of engineers that had been involved in the development of, his blog . When the 'me on participated in the development team, the team had already had a number of problems team Most of them were people who had only worked on sports games and didn't understand how to create 3D action games, and the art team was disorganized and the direction of development was disorganized. When I joined the development, 'Castlevania: Resurrection' had been in development for two years, but there were few deliverables. '

It is unknown where cvr exists, who released the movie, got the disc of 'Castlevania: Resurrection'.

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