Venezuelan President's page is temporarily frozen on Facebook for spreading fake new corona treatment


President Nicolas Maduro 's Facebook page has been temporarily frozen. The reason for the freeze is 'diffusion of the wrong treatment for the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)'.

Facebook freezes Venezuela president's page for sharing COVID misinfo

In January 2021, President Maduro said that 'Carvativir', a magical medicine made by doctor Jose Gregorio Hernandez, who was active in Venezuela in the 19th century, is effective in treating COVID-19 and has side effects. Insisted that it was safe. However, this claim has no scientific basis and is considered misinformation about COVID-19.

Still, President Maduro has no doubt about the effectiveness of Calvativille and has posted a movie on Facebook to promote it. In the movie, President Maduro repeatedly called Calvativir a 'miracle drop' and repeatedly claimed to help treat and prevent COVID-19.

On the other hand, the community provisions to Facebook in prohibits the 'diffusion of false information about the COVID-19' is a movie that you have uploaded of Maduro President as a violation of the Community provisions, has been deleted the same movie.

But Facebook's response didn't end there. Facebook has suspended President Maduro's page. A spokeswoman for the company told Reuters that the temporary freeze was 'President Maduro has repeatedly violated Facebook's community regulations and will freeze the page for 30 days. During that time, President Maduro's Facebook page will be read-only. '.

Facebook asserts that carbativir is not a cure or prevention for COVID-19, 'following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidance that there are currently no drugs to cure the virus.' ..

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