What is Facebook actually doing as an 'effort to prevent false information'?

Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are making their own efforts to prevent the spread of false information on SNS. It is said that 35,000 workers are fighting misinformation spread on Facebook, but in a word, even if you say 'fight against misinformation spread', there are various approaches, Facebook specifically I am revealing that I am doing.

How We're Tackling Misinformation Across Our Apps --About Facebook


Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19 has become a problem. It will be removed from Instagram and Facebook. '

Facebook announces removal of misinformation and conspiracy theories about the new corona vaccine-GIGAZINE

As a result, Facebook announced on March 22, 2021 that it 'deleted more than 12 million content about COVID-19 and vaccines that global experts flagged as false information.' It is said that 35,000 workers are working to prevent the spread of false information.

Facebook also said that 'preventing the spread of false information' is not a single solution, but a 'comprehensive approach' to tackle multiple problems with each approach. Specific examples include 'detection and deletion of fake accounts,' 'control of fraud,' and 'labeling of misinformation in good faith.'

Fake accounts are one of Facebook's strong opposition, with millions of fake accounts blocked every day, most of which are done when creating an account. Facebook states that it has disabled 1.3 billion accounts as fake accounts between October and December 2020.

Facebook has created a system and team to detect and crack down on clickbaits (fraud and hype), saying that the best way to crack down on fraud is to 'destroy the incentive structure behind it.' In addition, it has succeeded in detecting and deleting spam accounts using artificial intelligence.

And, as well-meaning users sometimes spread false information, we created a network of 80 fact checkers independent of Facebook and checked content in 60 languages around the world. When there is a problem with the content, we try to reduce the number of times it is seen by other users and give a warning label. At the same time, the poster is notified that the information is incorrect, and the number of impressions is reduced for page groups and domains that repeatedly share incorrect information. As an extension of this effort, Facebook said it is removing content from the 'highly serious' COVID-19 and vaccine falsehoods.

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