Star Wars enthusiasts love the drama 'The Mandalorian' too much to build a full-scale spaceship and talk about it

The drama 'The Mandalorian, ' which is distributed on the subscription-type video distribution service ' Disney Plus ,' is a live-action drama series that depicts the aftermath of the movie ' Star Wars Episode 6 / Return of the Jedi.' It has been talked about that Russian Star Wars fans made a replica of the spaceship 'Razor Crest' on which the main character rides in such 'Mandalorian' in full size.

'Mandalorian' Spaceship Lands in Siberia --The Moscow Times

You can see how to actually assemble a replica of Razor Crest in the following movie.

Star Wars fans'land' Mandalorian's Razor Crest spaceship in Russia --YouTube

I'm making a replica of the Razor Crest. The basic part is made by assembling square lumber and wooden boards.

The size of the replica is 14 meters in length, 10 meters in width, and 4 meters in height. It weighs more than 1 ton, and more than 20 people hold it to carry only the fuselage out of the warehouse and finally lift it.

The razor crest is divided into multiple parts such as the fuselage, wings, and engine, and is carried out on a huge trailer.

Razor Crest parts were assembled in a park in Yakutsk along the Siberian River.

Where the engine is attached to both wings.

And the assembled replica of Razor Crest looks like this. Of course, the whole is painted all over, and the surface of the aircraft also contains a mold that reproduces the panel line. In addition, the windshield of the cockpit and the machine gun attached to the bow are also reproduced firmly.

Moreover, not only the appearance but also the inside of the razor crest is reproduced, and the control panel of the razor crest that appeared in the work is reproduced in the cockpit, and the throttle, lever, and switch are lined up.

It is said that the headlights and engine lights will turn on when the switch is turned on, but it seems that the battery is removed until it gets warm because the winter in Siberia is so cold.

Ayar Fedorov, who usually loves Star Wars and also cosplays, planned to make a replica of Razor Crest. At first, Mr. Fedorov cut his own stomach and made it, but his friends started to help him. 'My friend sold his car (to help make the replica), I'm sorry,' Fedorov said with a smile.

In addition, Instagram followers and local companies also sponsored me, so I was able to secure a place to make a huge replica. It took more than a year and more than 750,000 rubles (about 1.1 million yen) to complete the replica of Razor Crest.

Already set up in the park, Razor Crest has become a popular local spot and is visited by a large number of people to take commemorative photos.

Fedorov said, 'Everyone celebrated the completion of the Razor Crest. We were laughing a bit when we started making it. But all the difficulties are over. Many people are razors.・ Touch the crest and bless us. '

In addition, a replica of Razor Crest, the process of making Mandalorian armor, and a photo of Mr. Fedorov cosplaying in front of the actually completed Razor Crest are published on Mr. Fedorov's Instagram account.

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