It turns out that the carrier has changed the privacy policy so that the contractor's personal data can be automatically provided to a third party

T-Mobile, the leading telecommunications carrier with the second largest share in the United States, has changed its privacy policy to automatically enroll subscribers in advertising programs and sell web and app usage to third parties. Turned out. Contractors will continue to provide data to advertisers, etc., unless they opt out on their own.

Control Your Data | T-Mobile Privacy Center

T-Mobile to Step Up Ad Targeting of Cellphone Customers --WSJ

The advertising program will be launched and the policy changes will take effect from April 26, 2021. Subscribers registered for this program will collect data such as the URL and type of websites they visit and the apps they use. T-Mobile explains, 'These data are anonymized and provided in association with an advertising identifier or another identifier.'

A T-Mobile spokeswoman said, 'I've heard that many people prefer more relevant ads, so it's based on this setting. With this change, subscribers can get ads that interest them. You will be able to view it. '

Meanwhile, Aaron McKie of the Electronic Frontier Foundation warns that 'this type of data is very unanonymous and it is extremely easy to connect the data to an individual.' T-Mobile has approximately 80 million users and is expected to aim to improve its business with marketers by changing this privacy policy.

Under US law, there are restrictions on telecommunications companies regarding the handling of 'customer-specific information' such as call records and billing information, but there are almost no restrictions on the handling of large amounts of user data generated by the use of smartphones and the like.

Some media have pointed out that Verizon, which has the largest share in Japan , and AT & T, which has the third largest share, also collect user data in a manner similar to T-Mobile.

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