A major update on the 10th anniversary of the birth of Chrome OS, equipped with a 'smartphone hub' that can directly control Android smartphones, etc.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2011 Chrome OS release, Google has released a major update, the M89 . This special update brings a variety of new features to Chrome OS, including a 'smartphone hub' that gives you direct control over your Android smartphone.

Chromebooks announces new features for 10th birthday


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Google says, 'ChromeOS devices like Chromebooks do everything from work efficiency to entertainment to spend a relaxing time, but we have millions of people using Chromebooks. We want to do more to provide you with a powerful and simple computing experience. We are celebrating the Chromebook's 10th anniversary with new features to realize our vision. We will install many of them, 'and announced the following new features.

・ Smartphone hub
'Smartphone hub' is a new function that allows you to directly control the functions of an Android smartphone logged in with the same Google account used in Chrome OS from the Chromebook.

With the smartphone hub, you can check the communication status and battery level of your Android smartphone from your Chromebook, reply to messages that arrive on your smartphone from your Chromebook, switch the manner mode on and off, and browse on your smartphone's Chrome. It will be possible to check the tab that was there from the Chromebook as it is.

Furthermore, if the Android smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network, the credentials will be shared with the Chromebook, and it will not be necessary to set the Wi-Fi connection each time.

'The smartphone hub is just the beginning of the work to bring Google's usefulness to more devices,' Google said.

・ Support for Near by Share
Nearby Share is a function called AirDrop for Android, which is a function to share files between Android devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With the M89 update, Chromebooks will also support Near by Share. You can easily share files between Chromebooks or between Chromebooks and Android smartphones.

・ Addition of screen capture tool
Chrome OS adds a tool that allows you to take accurate screenshots without using keyboard shortcuts.

・ Tote
'Tote' is a new file area where download files and screen captures are automatically stocked, and you can immediately open files saved or added locally. The M89 update also allows up to 5 copies to the clipboard.

In addition, text-related functions such as a quick answer function that can automatically translate and convert units by right-clicking the selected word will be enhanced. It also adds a 'desk' feature that allows you to group and switch workspaces.

In addition, the M89 update will improve the customizability of the lock screen, strengthen Select-to-Speak that reads out the text, and renew the icon of the embedded application.

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