NASA releases panoramic photos of Mars with over 400 million pixels & more than 2000 raw data

NASA's Mars probe '

Perseverance ' successfully landed on Mars on February 19, 2021 Japan time, and is challenging the mission to search for traces of life. NASA has released more than 2000 photographs of Mars taken by Perseverance and panoramic photographs of more than 400 million pixels.

Images | Multimedia Section – NASA's Mars Exploration Program

Images from the Mars Perseverance Rover --NASA Mars

The Perseverance is equipped with two 'Mastcam-Z ' cameras equipped with a zoom lens, allowing you to take pictures while accurately measuring the distance to the subject. A panoramic photo of Mars created using photos taken with such Mastcam-Z looks like this.

Rock yelling Ballmer in this panoramic photo '

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The original data of this panoramic photo has a capacity of 610MB and boasts a threatening resolution of 36952 x 11570 pixels (about 427.53 million pixels). Also, on the NASA

distribution page , you can view high-resolution panoramic photos in full screen by clicking the button surrounded by a red frame.

In addition to the Mastcam-Z, Perseverance is equipped with 23 cameras, including a camera for detecting danger in the direction of travel and a camera for takeoff and landing. NASA has released raw data of photos taken with these cameras. The part that looks like a mountain in the back of the photo below is the outer circumference of the crater 'Jezero' where Perseverance landed.

Besides, the sight of rocks rolling around ...

A photo of a particularly large rock is also available.

Below is how Perseverance descends on Mars.

The moment the parachute opens.

The parachute, the message in the pattern of red and white called 'Dare Mighty Things (overlook dare difficult)' is

has been written .

A camera mounted at the bottom of Perseverance captured the dust on the surface of Mars at the time of landing.

This is a photo taken immediately after landing on Mars. The camera is covered with a cover to prevent damage during landing.

Some of the published photos show the Perseverance aircraft. For example, the white box-like part below is '

PIXL ' that analyzes the composition of Martian ore.

You can also see

the wheels that are stronger than the wheels of the Mars probe Curiosity launched in 2011.

NASA is also conducting a popularity vote for photos. The following views taken by Mastcam-Z have received the most favorable reviews during the week from February 21, 2021 to February 27, 2021.

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