'Sourcetrail', which allows you to easily visualize source code for free, seems useful for large-scale development and understanding of legacy code

Software that provides highly functional and safe services is extremely valuable to users. However, the development of such software tends to be complex and the amount of source code tends to increase. Sourcetrail is a free open source software that visualizes dependencies in source code in easy-to-understand graphs, such as how functions and variables are related, which is important in large-scale development.

Sourcetrail - The open-source cross-platform source explorer


As modern software continues to become more sophisticated, developers are dealing with a significantly larger amount of code. Due to this trend, ' microservice architecture ' is emerging, which allows services to be divided by function and management for each service is simplified, but ' monolith ' systems consisting of a single multifunctional service are also emerging. Exists.

The amount and complexity of code handled by developers has increased more than 100 times in the past 10 years - GIGAZINE

It is difficult to understand the relationships between complex source codes just by reading them. Using Sourcetrail, you can graphically visualize the dependencies of functions and variables in code written in C, C++, Java, and Python. Sourcetrail was originally provided under a commercial license by developer

Coati Software , but was made open source in 2019.

Source code search engine “Sourcetrail” made OSS and published on GitHub: CodeZine

You can understand the feeling of using Sourcetrail by watching the official movie below.

Sourcetrail - Introduction - YouTube

First, start Sourcetrail and load the project.

The source code is indexed. Note that if the code base is large, it may

take some time to create the index.

Once indexing is complete, the categories of objects to display are displayed.

For example, the 'Functions' category visualizes function dependencies.

You can search for objects by entering keywords in the search window in the upper left.

Functions are orange, variables are blue, and classes are gray.

It also visualizes the relationships between classes so that you can understand them at a glance.

Sourcetrail has a plugin for

Visual Studio Code that allows you to display functions and classes selected on Visual Studio Code in Sourcetrail.

sourcetrail - Visual Studio Marketplace

There are other source code visualization tools such as Understand and SysClinic . However, all of them are paid, so one of Sourcetrail's strengths is that it is free and easy to use.

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