A court hearing using Zoom causes a lawyer to transform into a cute cat

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus, online conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet have become widely used, and their effects have spread to courts. At the district court in Texas, USA, the state of the court hearing using Zoom is being distributed to the general public by live streaming, but in that situation the participant turns into a cute cat. It has become a hot topic.

Zoom filter traps this lawyer as a cute cat during live court hearing --The Verge

A district court in charge of multiple regions, including West Texas County in the United States, has released a movie called 'Zoom's Kitten Cat Filter Accident.' Mr. Rod Ponton, a lawyer displayed at the bottom right of the screen, is a kitten, and when Mr. Ponton speaks, it is very cute that the cat's mouth on the screen also moves mogomogo.

Kitten Zoom Filter Mishap --YouTube

Roy Ferguson, a judge in the district court, updated his Twitter account with 'Important Tip: If your child uses a computer, check Zoom options before attending an online meeting to filter. Please make sure it's turned off. '

Online conference tools have various functions such as waiting room and screen sharing, so even people who 'use Zoom every day' may be confused by some unfamiliar functions. It's unclear where I got it because the kitten filter that was unknowingly turned on in Ponton's Zoom isn't in the filter pack that comes by default. Please note that Zoom allows third-party filters. According to an interview with Motherboard , Ponton used his secretary's PC for Zoom. In other words, it is probable that the secretary left the kitten filter on, causing Mr. Ponton to transform into a kitten at a court hearing.

Ponton noticed that he was transforming into a cat on Zoom and hurriedly explained, 'I'm here. I'm not a cat,' and lawyer Gibbs Bauer said, 'I can see it.' The scene to reply is shared on Twitter, and the tweet has been retweeted more than 50,000 times at the time of writing the article.

After turning off the kitten filter, court hearings are conducted as usual.

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