I tried 'Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding' where the condensed milk sauce melts from the milk pudding ice cream.

In Lotte's popular ice series 'Yukimi Daifuku', ' Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding ' featuring a creamy taste in which the condensed milk sauce melts from the inside will appear from January 25, 2021. I am. I heard that the ice cream part has a milk pudding taste instead of ordinary vanilla, so I was wondering what kind of taste it was, so I tried it.

Lotte 'Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding'
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The package of 'Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding' looks like this, it is based on blue and the letters 'Hokkaido Milk Pudding' are arranged in the center.

By type, it seems that it is classified as

ice milk with a milk solid content of 10.0% or more, of which milk fat content is 3.0% or more. 'Mochi rice flour' and 'ren milk sauce' are lined up as raw materials, and it is clearly stated that 100% of dairy products from Hokkaido are used. The calorie per piece is 80 kcal.

When I open the lid, it looks like this. The attached fork is gold.

If you cut it in half at once, the condensed milk sauce will melt from the inside.

When I try to eat it, the ice cream part has a very smooth texture, and the mochi that wraps the ice cream is very soft. Since the ice cream has a milk pudding flavor, it has a stronger milk flavor than regular vanilla ice cream, and combined with the condensed milk sauce, it has a creamier and milky finish. The ice cream and condensed milk give it a milky texture, but the chewy texture is as strong as that, so it's nice to feel that this is Yukimi Daifuku.

'Yukimi Daifuku Hokkaido Milk Pudding' has been on sale nationwide since January 25, 2021, and the suggested retail price is 180 yen excluding tax.

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