Subscription type game service 'Plex Arcade' of 520 yen per month started

Plex , a video distribution service company, has announced that it will launch a subscription-type game service, Plex Arcade .

Arcade | Plex

'Plex Arcade' is a service that allows you to play your favorite games included in the library on various terminals such as smartphones, PCs, and smart TVs if you have a controller that can connect to Bluetooth.

The price is $ 4.99 a month (about 520 yen). However, if you have already subscribed to Plex Pass , which is a paid service of Plex , you can play for $ 2.99 per month (about 310 yen).

The games included in the library include ' Sentipede, ' 'Millipede,' and ' Missile Command, ' all of which are for arcade games and Atari 2600 and Atari 7800 titles.

In addition, Sam Machkovech of Ars Technica who tried the service was worried about the phrase 'let's add my own game ROM', so specify the folder where the game ROM is saved in Plex Media Server Then, tabs such as 'Game Boy', 'Famicom', 'Super Famicom', 'NINTENDO 64', and 'Mega Drive', which are the ROM game hardware that I actually owned, appeared. However, the game could not be started from the smartphone, and even though 'GameCube' 'Wii' 'Xbox' 'PlayStation' owned the ROM, the tab did not come out even if it was scanned. ..

In addition, there seems to be a problem in changing settings and saving even in games that can be played, and Machkovech says that he is not concealed that he is very unsatisfied.

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