Facebook suspends UK Socialist Labor Party account

It turns out that Facebook has suspended the

account of the British socialist party ' Socialist Labor Party (SWP) ' from January 22, 2021. SWP states that Facebook did not explain the account suspension at all.

Press release: Facebook shuts down major left wing group in Britain | SWP

This is not the first time a Facebook account related to SWP has been suspended. In December 2020, the Facebook accounts of 45 SWP activists were suspended. Initially, Facebook did not reveal the reason for the account suspension, but later said that the account suspension was due to a system error and revived most of the suspended accounts. SWP states that Facebook's hate speech detection AI may have recognized SWP activist posts as hate speech.

Why is Facebook silencing political activists? Press release

Hacker News , a social news site , said, 'SWP is not a violent organization involved in terrorist or criminal acts. SWP is a politically active group. This Facebook account suspension is that you, 'I think that is wrong post opinion is, discussions have been made for the account stop of the SWP that due to this time of Facebook.

In addition, the suspension measure of SWP's Facebook account was canceled at the time of article creation.

Socialist Workers Party-Home | Facebook

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