'Muscle Wiki' that explains the appropriate muscle training and stretching method for each muscle part with a video

Many people say that they are lacking in exercise due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In such a case, ' MuscleWiKi ' is useful because you can learn how to properly train and stretch the muscles of the specified part in movie format.



When I visited the MuscleWiki page , a picture of the human body was displayed. The main muscles are subdivided and displayed. Click 'Female' in the upper left to display the female version.

Hover over one of the muscles to see it in red. The

rectus abdominis muscle is currently the cursor, which is the so-called abdominal muscle.

Click on the rectus abdominis to see a video of a man doing muscle training.

You can change the language to Japanese by clicking 'Select Language', but it will be machine translated Japanese, so it may be better to browse in English to know the exact meaning. ..

Scroll down the screen to see the steps for the abdominal muscle training 'Crunch'.

Scroll further to see the 'Leg Raise' video and instructions.

The one displayed on the first page is just an example. You can check different training methods by clicking 'STRETCHES', 'BODY WEIGHT', 'BARBELL', 'DUMBELL', 'KETTLE BELLS' at the top of the page.

Click 'Tools' to access pages such as calorie counting.

Click 'Metric' to change the unit to metric system, and try 'Male' for 'Male', 'Age' for 20 years old, 'Weight' for 65kg, and 'Height' for 'Height'. Set to 165 cm. Set 'Light exercise' to 1-3 days and 'Lose 0.25 Kg per Week' to -0.25kg and click 'Calculate!'.

The estimated daily calorie consumption is displayed as '2002 calories'.

Click Tools, then Directry to see a list of all the trainings listed on the MuscleWiki. You can find the training that suits you based on gender, what you need, and difficulty level.

For example, even if you train your abdominal muscles, various training methods are described, so it seems to be useful when looking for a new training method and blowing a new wind into your daily muscle training.

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