Google fixes the problem of delayed regular notifications for the new coronavirus infection tracking notification system

Notification delay issues have been reported in the notification system for tracking the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). Google has investigated and resolved the issue.

App notification persists with notification text stating 'Loading ...' · Issue # 39 · nhsx / covid-19-app-android-ag-public · GitHub

Google says a fix for Android coronavirus tracking delays is on the way --The Verge

The following is an example of the problem, the app is 'NHS Covid-19' used in England and Wales. The notification was continuously displayed with the message 'Loading ...'.

It is said that this was not a problem of the application, but the tracking notification system itself for Android, and similar problems have been reported in 'NHS Covid-19' and 'Corona Melder' used in the Netherlands. ..

According to Google, there was a problem downloading the diagnostic key from the server, which led to a delay in notification.

The problem has already been resolved, but depending on the app, it may take some time for the problem to be resolved, and Google states that it will work with the developers to recover.

It is unclear whether this problem will occur with the new coronavirus contact confirmation app ' COCOA ' used in Japan. The number of positive registrants for 'COCOA' is 6929 as of January 8, 2021.

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