Edward Snowden Calls for Support for the Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Edward Snowden, who is known for whistle-blowing the top secret mass surveillance program ' PRISM ' involving the US National Security Agency (NSA), has conducted government fraud and large-scale espionage activities by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). Called for support for efforts to end the.

Snowden: 'We Can Fix a Broken System' | Electronic Frontier Foundation

EFF is a non-profit organization that appeals for 'the right to free speech' in the digital society from a legal point of view. EFF has carried out a wide range of activities such as the provision of defense funds and lawyers on litigation surrounding freedom of speech, class action 'against the PRISM Jewel versus NSA ' and ' Shuberu vs. Obama ', a wide area call history has ordered the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court He has served as a representative of plaintiffs in the first unitarian church of Los Angeles vs. NSA, a class proceeding against the collection program.

NSA Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation

On December 26, 2020, Mr. Snowden called for support for such EFF. Snowden touched on the PRISM he uncovered, saying, 'When journalists uncovered the truth about state deception and illegal activity against citizens, human rights and freedom groups like the EFF supported by you We seized the opportunity to hold authority accountable. Surveillance weakens resistance, robs us of our choices and private territories, and corrupts our dignity and humanity. '

Snowden said it was online that network operators and engineers were encrypting government surveillance activities, causing policy makers to work to protect digital privacy in the light of human rights legislation. 'Slowly but surely, grassroots activities are changing the future,' he said, pointing out that it is the voice of people. He praised the EFF, which has been seeking protection of technology rights for 30 years, to provide expertise in combating digital authoritarianism, and sought donations to the EFF.

Donations to the EFF can be made from the following, and in the item of Donation Frequency (number of donations), there are options to donate multiple times such as Once (one time only), Monthly (monthly), Annually (yearly). I will. The amount of money that can be donated at one time is from $ 2500 (about 260,000 yen) to $ 25 (2600 yen), but you can also donate any amount by entering the amount in the blank. Depending on the donation, you can also get EFF special stickers, T-shirts, beanies, etc.

Year-End Challenge for Online Rights | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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