105 types of apps such as TripAdvisor are banned in China as 'illegal content'

The Cyberspace Administration, which manages the Internet in China, has announced that it has removed 105 apps, including

Tripadvisor , a major travel service, from its local app store, considering it illegal.

Tripadvisor app pulled from App Store in China-9to5Mac

Tripadvisor app blocked in China along with more than 100 others --CNN

Internet connections and content are strictly regulated in China. As an example, China has built a centralized Internet censorship system called the Golden Shield (Great Firewall), and it continues to be impossible to access American-made SNS such as Facebook and Twitter from within China.

The Chinese government is also taking a strict stance on content developed in its own country. For example, to provide a TikTok ByteDance news has released Aggregation application 'Toutiao (today Atamajo)' and social media apps 'NeihanDuanzi (entailment Danko)' is referred to as 'are included pornography and vulgar content in the feed' Authorities have reported that it has been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store in China.

Following this, on December 8, 2020, the Cyberspace Administration announced Tripadvisor under the pretext of 'more content related to illegal activities such as obscenity, pornography, prostitution, violence, fraud, and violence from the Internet.' Announced that 105 types of apps including the above have been deleted from the domestic app store.

In addition, according to 9to5Mac, which handles Apple-related news, Apple China, Apple's Chinese subsidiary, said to app developers, 'The game license approval number must be submitted by December 31, 2020, and it has not been submitted. In that case, it will be deleted from the App Store in China. ' In addition, it seems that only 97 titles were issued game licenses from China's National Xinjiang Publishing Office for apps outside China.

It's unclear why the American Tripadvisor, which was mixed with Chinese social media apps and summarized hotel reviews and reservations, was cracked down. CNN of the American media requested comments from the Tripadvisor headquarters in Massachusetts, but said that there was no reply.

'We will strengthen the monitoring and inspection of mobile app information services, eliminate illegal mobile apps, quickly clean up app stores, and create bright cyberspace,' said China's Cyberspace Administration. We have issued a statement.

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