Musicians aiming to increase the number of views with song titles starting with 'OK Google'

The music industry has entered an era of unlimited listening anytime, anywhere with subscription-type services, from the era of buying and listening to CDs to the era of downloading and listening. With such a subscription-type music distribution service, it has been talked about that an album aimed at increasing the number of views has appeared by including 'OK Google', which is a wake word when calling the Google Assistant, in the title.

Artist releases album called “Ok Google Play Music” on Spotify | Hacker News

The following is, hand bread is the musicians of Drumkoon album Mr. announced 'OK Google Play Music'.

Ok Google Play Music --Spotify

Also, it's not just album titles that use wake words. The title of the first song is 'Hey Google Play Christmas Music' ...

The sixth song is 'Hey Google Sleep Music'

The title of the 9th song is the same as the words spoken to smartphones and smart speakers, such as 'Ok Google Play Drumkoon Music'.

With the spread of subscription-type music distribution services, it has become difficult to find the song you are looking for from a huge amount of songs and albums. Therefore, not only searching for a specific song from the artist name or song name, but also creating a new way of enjoying music that 'AI selects recommended songs according to the situation and mood like a DJ'.

Drumkoon's attempt is exactly the opposite of this new way of enjoying music. Drumkoon has also released 'Hey Alexa Play Music' and 'Hey Siri Play Music'. Drumkoon's work is distributed not only on Spotify, but also on YouTube , YouTube Music , Apple Music , and Amazon Prime Music .

Hacker News, a social news site, isn't talking about the album, and has received a variety of comments, including complaints about the voice AI assistant and Wakeward.

TAForObvReasons raises the question, 'Why is Google still Google when Amazon uses Alexa, Apple uses Siri, and Microsoft uses Cortana?'

Pradn, who claims to be a Google employee, said, 'I don't want to say'OK Google'at home all the time. I work while watching Google ads on the subway, waste time on the Pixel, and 8 in the Google office. Work time, waste time on the Pixel, pass in front of the same ad on your way home, watch YouTube videos, search Google for random topics, alert Google before going to bed It's normal to have them set, and it's too terrible. '

Also, enobrev said, 'I don't use the Google Assistant at home because of'OK Google'. There are several systems at home that work with the Google Assistant, but when my child is one year old, he says,' OK. I don't use it because I don't want to learn the phrase 'Google'. It was ridiculous for two adults to say Google's name all day, but it was convenient enough to be worth it, but my child It's beyond the line that people start talking about things with that phrase. '

'Since the advent of home smart speakers a few years ago, the Google Assistant's ability to search music has declined significantly,' said bsanr2. 'Songs that were previously found in ambiguous searches can now be found at all. I can't do it. Unless I say the song title word for word correctly, the Google Assistant will play songs from random and unknown artists, 'he said, revealing his distrust of the Google Assistant.

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