Succeeded in exterminating the nest of the giant hornet, which is feared to be a 'murder bee' in the United States for the first time


giant hornet , which is widespread in East Asia and Japan, is known as an exotic 'murder bee' in the United States. So far, several cases of discovery have been reported in the United States, but finally the first 'Giant hornet nest extermination work' in the United States was carried out in Washington State.

Washington state crews destroy first US murder hornet nest | US news | The Guardian

Entomologists discover first murder hornet nest in the US --Axios

The giant hornet, the largest bee in the world, is a bee that inhabits East Asia including Japan and Southeast Asia. The giant hornet is an exotic species in the United States, and witness information has been reported from beekeepers in Washington State, USA from around 2019.

There are several fatal accidents caused by giant hornets in Japan every year, but usually, giant hornets do not cause any harm to humans. However, since the giant hornet preys on honeybees, it has been pointed out that the population of honeybees may decrease sharply, and the need for extermination is being called for in the United States.

Entomologists at the Washington State Agricultural Service (WSDA) set a trap at the point where the sightings of the giant hornet were reported, and succeeded in capturing two giant hornets there. WSDA installed a small radio tracking device in dental floss on the captured giant hornet and tracked the nest, finding the nest in Whatcom County, Blaine, Washington.

WSDA originally planned to carry out the removal work of the giant hornet nest on October 23, 2020 (Friday), but due to bad weather, the removal work has been postponed until Saturday, October 24th. However, WSDA has finally announced on Twitter that it has succeeded in removing the giant hornet's nest for the first time in the United States.

The nest of the giant hornet has been found in the hollow part of the tree, and its size is about the same size as basketball, and it is estimated that about 100 to 200 giant hornets lived there. The following movie captures the moment when the giant hornet flies from the tree where the nest was found.

A movie of the captured giant hornet eating strawberry jam is also posted.

The following is a giant hornet sucked from the nest using a vacuum cleaner.

You can check the state of the WSDA staff who captured the giant hornet in the following movie.

'Murder hornets' nest found and destroyed in US --YouTube

Thick protective clothing and a face shield are worn during the capture work of the giant hornet, which makes it possible to protect the staff from the needles of the giant hornet, which is as large as 6 mm.

The tree where the giant hornet's nest was found was reportedly cut down and then vacuumed. The WSDA says it will investigate the existence of other giant hornet nests in Blaine, Washington.

In Japan, smoked insecticides are used to exterminate the giant hornet.

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