'Mute Button' Adopted at Presidential Debate to Stop President Trump's Runaway

by Gage Skidmore

Last debate on the ' Presidential Election Debate, ' in which incumbent Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden will hold a one-on-one public debate on the 2020 United States presidential election on November 3, 2020. Following the condemnation of President Trump and Biden, it was decided to install a 'mute button' at the final debate.

Presidential debate commission adopts rules to mute microphones | US news | The Guardian

President Trump and Biden challenged their first face-to-face confrontation during the first television debate on the night of September 29, 2020, local time, and the new coronavirus infection is still rampant in the United States. (COVID-19) We had a heated debate over countermeasures, racial issues, and environmental issues.

NHK has summarized in detail the main points of the first TV debate that lasted about 90 minutes.

1st TV discussion Trump and Biden candidates' first direct confrontation | US presidential election 2020 | NHK NEWS WEB

However, the 'interruption' of both candidates was particularly noticeable in this heated debate. President Trump developed his theory in a way that interrupted Biden's remarks many times, and in response to this, Biden also responded. Discussions often turned to sideways such as slander and slander, and the story fell into a situation where it did not proceed slowly. The number of interruptions is particularly high for President Trump, who said during the first television debate that President Biden and moderator Chris Wallace said 128 , according to Slate , an online magazine specializing in current affairs and politics in the United States. He said he blocked it many times .

Looking at the following movie, which cuts out the part where the interruption was particularly severe in the first TV debate, it was found that President Biden was talking freely despite the fact that Biden was developing his theory. I understand well.

The Presidential Debate BUT Just Interrupting --YouTube

In response to this interruption issue, the US Presidential Candidate Debate Committee (CDP), which hosts the Presidential Debate, gave both candidates a 'good time to speak freely' for the first two minutes of each agenda at the upcoming final debate. I gave it and decided to mute the opponent's microphone in the meantime. Such measures are unusual in the history of the presidential election debate.

At the final debate on October 22, there will be 15-minute discussions on six agenda items, including COVID-19 measures, race and security. After both candidates give their opening speeches for two minutes each, their microphones are turned on at the same time.

President Trump said the move was 'very unfair' and claimed that the final debate agenda, decided by Kristen Welker, who hosts the final debate, was against President Trump's camp. However, he said he would attend the final debate itself.

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