Is virtual currency worth about 16 billion yen leaked from a virtual currency exchange that has been hacked on a large scale?

KuCoin, a Singapore-based crypto exchange, has revealed that a massive hack has compromised the system and leaked funds in its hot wallet . The loss from hacking is estimated to be at least $ 150 million.

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According to an official KuCoin statement, at 2:51 am local time on September 26, 2020, an unusual transaction was detected in KuCoin's hot wallet to withdraw some of the tokens of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It was. After that, at 3:01 am on the same day, he received an alert about the balance of the hot wallet, so he immediately shut down the wallet server, but he said that abnormal transactions had occurred even after the shutdown.

Some users have already reported on Twitter that they can no longer withdraw from KuCoin. In response to user inquiries, KuCoin responds through Telegram that 'your assets are safe' and 'we are currently investigating.'

KuCoin's emergency response team conducted an internal security audit at 4:20 am on the same day, transferring the remaining assets from the hot wallet to the cold wallet. As a result, it was discovered that the private key of KuCoin's hot wallet had been leaked .

KuCoin has not announced the total amount of cryptocurrencies withdrawn from KuCoin's hot wallet by hacking, but already $ 4 million worth of Ethereum and $ 146 million (about 15.4 billion yen) It is known that the cryptocurrency token of (yen) has been withdrawn by someone.

In addition, Whale Alert, which tweeted a large-scale cryptocurrency transaction, reported that a KuCoin hacker transferred tokens of cryptocurrency Synthetix worth about $ 230,000 to someone's wallet.

In addition, it has been observed that a large amount of Bitcoin suddenly leaked from KuCoin.

In an urgent online press conference, KuCoin CEO Johnny Liu said, 'All the funds of the damaged customers can be covered by insurance.' Regarding the suspended deposits and withdrawals, 'All operations will be resumed within a week.' I will. '

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