Report that 'Facebook employee illegally stole his Instagram account and all data was deleted' became a hot topic

One morning, when I tried to view Instagram, I couldn't log in, and in addition to a stranger owning my account, he said, 'My friend worked on Facebook and now I'm the owner of this account. I received the message '...'. It is reported that one case has occurred.

Danny Hall got an account called '@danny' on Instagram shortly after it was launched 10 years ago. In this way, the simple account name acquired at the early stage of the service has a high rarity value, and on Twitter, users with accounts '@N' and '@jb' were attacked by a third party. Has also been reported.

A terrifying event experienced by a user with a rare Twitter account --GIGAZINE

Mr. Hall also received a lot of spam emails and phishing emails, so he enabled two-step authentication to protect his account and set a password with high security.

One morning, when Mr. Hall got up and tried to log in to Instagram, he said that the login did not work. In the past, the account was temporarily unable to log in due to unauthorized access, so Mr. Hall thought that the same thing had happened at this time as well.

However, after that, Mr. Hall realized that his account was owned by another person. Since the account was set up with a key, Mr. Hall asked his lover to try to contact the '@danny' account.

In the new '@danny' account, all of Mr. Hall's posts were deleted and strangers were posting.

There is also a post in Stories saying 'Is it like a new account?'

Then, from the '@danny' account, 'I know your boyfriend had this account' 'My friend worked on Facebook' 'Now I have this account' He said that he received the message 'Call me if you need something'. When Mr. Hall's lover replied, 'You probably stole his account. He lost all the photos,' there was a video chat from '@danny,' and I ignored it, saying, 'I'm going to sleep. He said that he just sent a message saying, 'If you want, answer the phone.' After that, '@danny' deleted the message.

Mr. Hall notes that he has no memory of being caught in a phishing email or receiving a two-step verification request. 'If someone else has my password and I try to access it, I should get a notification about my login,' he said. How '@danny' was stolen. I am wondering about.

What's even more suspicious is that when Hall contacted Facebook and Instagram, he didn't get a reply or just got an unnatural email saying 'the problem seems to have been resolved.'

For this reason, Mr. Hall believes that 'a Facebook employee who has access to the account may have given the account to someone.' 'I don't know what to do next,' Hall concludes, as email inquiries to Facebook and Instagram don't respond.

In addition, Instagram CEO Adam Moseri replied 'Please DM' to the series of threads, but Mr. Hall's reaction to it is not at the time of writing the article.

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