Google engineer, dismissed as stealing the personal information of four minors


A man of engineers who belonged to the elite technology group at Google seems to have been dismissed as unauthorized access to personal information of at least four minors. The man abused his position to have access to the user account and he was staring at the record of the contact list and the chat.

We take it seriously, we have taken measures to securely manage the number of people who can access the system and also take more time to check the logs to confirm that the management is effective .

Details are as below.
GCreep: Google Engineer Stalked Teens, Spied on Chats (Updated)

It was fired by engineer David Barksdale (27), taking advantage of his position that he belonged to the elite technical group and had access to the user account, infringed the privacy of at least four minors over a period of several months And that.

It is unknown how much abuse of Barksdale's abuse of authority is unknown, but according to a detailed source, there seem to be at least four cases that you have accessed a minor's account without consent. As a case of spring this year Barksdale became close to a 15-year-old boy, but as he did not tell the name of the girlfriend,Google VoiceIt is said that he threatened to follow the log of a girlfriend's name and phone number, calling on a girlfriend after abusing a boy, following a log of a telephone aggregation service (a telephone aggregation service that can talk to an existing phone or the like with a Google account).

Barksdale also has contact lists andGoogle TalkHe told me that he had access to his chat record and he was removing himself from blocking targets on Google Talk's friends list.

The reason why Barksdale was hiding around minors has not been clarified, but it is said that it was not sexual, according to sources, one person who can access the materials inside the company It seems that I wanted to show off that it was.

Barksdale, who was a self-name "hacker", accessed a Google Account under the consent of a friend, adjusted to a sub-account that a friend had left unused and not linked to the main account, I got chat logs, Google Voice logs in a few seconds and showed them. This friend is not particularly concerned about Barksdale, he seems to have been a good otaku of people.

However, parents of minors who were unauthorizedly accessed by Barksdale were silent. I made Barksdale out of Barksdale from members of the exchange party that made it possible to not contact the children and became acquainted with the children. In response to the report here, Google noticed Barksdale's behavior and decided to dismiss in July 2010.

Initially, Google responded only to inquiries to "inquiries" and did not reveal how the treatment of Barksdale went, and how much privacy infringement by Barksdale was done At a later date, Senior Vice President Bill Coughran fired David Barksdale because he broke the internal privacy policy to be strict observance.We will manage the number of personnel who can access the system and check the management log even more I will upgrade the security system "was announced.

By the way,This is the second time that Googlers have accessed and dismissed user data. It's something useful Google service, but do not forget that you are entrusting your personal information to Google.

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