A movie that captures the phenomenon that meteorites bounce in the earth's atmosphere like a 'drainer'

Denis Vida, a postdoctoral fellow in astrophysics, has posted a movie on Twitter of 'an object that moves in the night sky in an arc.' 'The meteorite bounced back into space,' commented Vida.

The white line in the image below shows the trajectory of the meteorite, and the part surrounded by the red frame is the actual meteorite. The meteorite moves horizontally ...

I flew in an arc. According to Mr. Vida, the meteorite rushed into the atmosphere at a speed of 34.1 km / s, bounced off in the

thermosphere at an altitude of about 91 km from the ground, and returned to space.

According to Tara Ken , a professor of space geochemistry at Osaka University, when a meteorite invades the atmosphere at a shallow angle, a phenomenon similar to a drainer that throws a stone at the surface of the water and makes it bounce occurs.

In addition, just because a meteorite bounces off in the atmosphere does not necessarily mean that it will return to outer space, but there are cases like a hoba meteorite that bounces off in the atmosphere, slows down, and falls to the earth in the form of a large mass with little damage. Exists.

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