Apple Disables 'Sign In with Apple' in Epic Games Account


WWDC 2019 , Apple announced ' Sign in with Apple, ' an authentication system that allows you to sign in to apps and websites with the Apple ID you use on your iPhone or Mac. Epic Games , which is in a legal battle with Apple, also introduced 'Sign in with Apple' with its own account service, Epic Games account , but it is clear that this will be invalid after September 11, 2020 It has become.

How can I maintain access to my Epic Games account after signing in with Apple is no longer supported? --Epic account support

Apple Disabling'Sign in with Apple' for Epic Games on September 11 --MacRumors

Epic Games has announced that it will no longer be able to sign in to its Epic Games account using 'Sign in with Apple' after September 11, 2020, as a result of the removal of the App Store developer account from Apple.

Users who have previously signed in using 'Sign in with Apple' are required to update the email address and password associated with their Epic Games account.

At the time of writing the article, 'Sign in with Apple' does not already exist as a sign-up method for your Epic Games account, but even in this case, you may be able to recover your account manually, so please follow the prescribed procedure from ' Inquiry '. It is OK if you do.

In addition, the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games has intensified, and while Epic Games requested the court to 'stop Apple's retaliation', Apple said that its own payment was 'theft'. We insist again and seek compensation for damages caused by breach of contract.

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