Research results that the relationship between two people is not damaged even if pornography is used

Some people who do not have a good image of porn argue that 'use of porn leads to bad relationships with their partners.' However, a survey of more than 200 couples found that 'the use of pornography does not at all reduce the satisfaction of romantic relationships'.

Pornography use and romantic relationships: A dyadic daily diary study-Marie-Pier Vaillancourt-Morel, Natalie O. Rosen, Brian J. Willoughby, Nathan D. Leonhardt, Sophie Bergeron, 2020

Study suggests pornography use is common for partnered individuals --and unrelated to relationship satisfaction

Many studies on pornography and romantic relationships have been conducted so far, but most of them were biased, such as only heterosexual couples or only one of the couples participating. .. Therefore, a research team of Associate Professor Marie-Pier Vaillancourt-Morel and others at the University of Quebec, Trois-Rivieres, Canada, conducted a survey of a total of 217 heterosexual and homosexual couples, in which both couples participated.

140 heterosexual couples and 77 homosexual couples participated in the survey. The research team said that every night for 35 days, participants' smartphones 'whether you used porn that day,' 'how much you want to have sex with your partner,' 'whether you actually had sex,' 'the relationship with your partner on that day.' We have sent out a questionnaire asking about the four items of 'Satisfaction'.

As a result of summarizing the answers by the research team, 97% of men who associate with men, 76% of men who associate with women, 57% of women who associate with women, and 57% of women who associate with men It turned out that 40% used pornography at least once in 35 days. The average number of days porn was used was 3.5 out of 35.

Vaillancourt-Morel said, 'Retrospective reports may understate actual pornography use, but the findings are important because the daily reports are more accurate.' ..

In addition, the research team further analyzed the results of the questionnaire and found that the use of pornography had nothing to do with the satisfaction of the couple. 'It has been shown that we must be cautious in considering pornography to trigger difficulties in dating,' said Vaillancourt-Morel.

While the use of porn had no effect on the satisfaction of partner relationships, it did affect sexual desire and sex frequency. First, for women, regardless of their partner's gender, the use of porn was associated with increased libido and an increased chance of having sex with their partner. Also, men who are associated with men are more likely to have sex when using porn.

On the other hand, if a man in contact with a woman used pornography, it did not affect the sexual desire reported by herself, but the female side reported a decrease in male libido and the probability of actually having sex decreased. I was there. The research team commented, 'If a male partner has a low libido one day, he may be using pornography.'

Vaillancourt-Morel added, 'Our research is about the day of pornography use, not on issues such as overuse of pornography. There are uncertainties, so in future research I would like to investigate how various issues surrounding the use of pornography help to understand the context that'use of pornography adversely affects romantic relationships'. He showed his motivation for future research.

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