Construction of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), with Japan also participating

On July 28, 2020, a ceremony was held in France, the construction site, to commemorate the start of the assembly of the

International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) , which is being developed by 35 countries including Japan. The nuclear fusion experimental reactor, which generates electricity using plasma that is 10 times hotter than the center of the sun, is scheduled to start operation by 2025.

Solar power with a difference as ITER nuclear fusion assembly starts-Reuters

Assembly begins on ITER, a massive scientific project that seeks to replicate the sun's fusion power here on Earth-CBS News

ITER is an international laboratory facility scheduled to be built in Cadarache , Southern France. A total of 35 countries including Japan, EU countries, the United States, Russia, China, South Korea, and India are participating in the ITER construction project, and we are working to realize power generation by the same fusion reaction as the sun.

The world's first commercial-scale fusion reactor will start operation in 2025, 35 countries including Japan will cooperate-GIGAZ

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You can see what kind of project ITER is by looking at the movie below.

ITER NOW 1.1: The Way of the Sun-YouTube

Over 30,000 people from 35 countries are involved in ITER.

Its energy source is the same fusion reaction as the sun.

Nuclear fusion, which has excellent environmental friendliness and high safety, and is capable of semi-permanently producing energy from inexhaustible fuel resources, is expected to be the “ultimate energy”.

However, since high technology is required to achieve this, ITER, which means 'road' in Latin, is expected to have a steep path.

Therefore, it is essential to have the cooperation of the seven poles of Japan, the US, the EU, India, South Korea, China and Russia.

'There is no doubt that the world needs energy,' said

Laber Coblentz , a spokeswoman for ITER.

According to Coblentz, the fusion reactor stops the reaction at the same time as the fuel supply is cut off, so unlike nuclear fission power generation, there is no concern about

meltdown .

At the heart of ITER is the huge tokamak fusion reactor that was built this time.

The video below is a video of the ceremony to commemorate the start of the assembly of the fusion reactor, which was broadcast live on July 28.

ITER Live: Start of Machine Assembly-YouTube

The whole view of ITER in Cadalache, France is like this. The assembly of the fusion reactor, which is the heart of ITER, has started in a very large building in the center.

If you look at the building up close, you can feel how huge the fusion reactor is.

The ceremony to commemorate the start of the assembly of the fusion reactor was held in a place called the 'assembly line' inside the building.

'ITER is definitely an exciting move for the future,' said French President

Emmanuel Macron, who delivered the speech from Paris, and expressed his expectations for ITER.

In addition,

Mr. Koichi Hagita, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, attended the message video delivered from Japan, saying, 'In spite of the global spread of the new coronavirus infection, this project will continue to be strong due to strong international solidarity. I pray that we will continue to make progress,' read the congratulatory speech of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe .

The fusion reactor, which is the heart of ITER, will be completed in December 2025 after about four and a half years of assembly, and the memorable first operation, the ' First Plasma ', will enter the fire. After that, it will take more than 10 years for repeated tests, and by 2035, it will be operated at full output, and a demonstration test for practical use of nuclear fusion will be conducted.

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