[Old News] Fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto dies

Kansai Yamamoto , a fashion designer and event producer who has been active all over the world and who held a fashion show in London for the first time as a Japanese in 1971, died. I was 76 years old. Mr. Kansai announced that he had been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in March 2020, and he was challenging new projects one after another while receiving medical treatment.

Kansai Yamamoto died 76-year-old daughter, Miki Yamamoto reports | ORICON NEWS

Kansai Yamamoto died of leukemia, but he is doing his best while preparing for the event at the end of July | NEWS Post Seven

Kansai was born in 1944 and is from Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The name 'Kansai' is a change in the reading of the real name 'Nobuyoshi'.

Originally, his father was a tailor, and Kansai grew up in a fashion-friendly environment, but his parents divorced when he was seven years old. After his father's abandonment of childcare, he went into an orphanage with his two younger brothers, and was taken over by his father again, where he moved to another school.

When I went to university, I went back to Tokyo and reunited with my mother who was in a dressmaking class in Yokohama. There, I met a fashion magazine 'Souen' and learned that there were some who won the contest 'Souen Award ' even if they were not in fashion school. After dropping out of university, Kansai, who practiced style painting while working as a seamstress in the studio of Junko Koshino and Hisashi Hosono, won the Soen Award in 1967. At this time, in an interview, he was ' married as if he was running away' and was also engaged in daily labor for manual labor for his life.

Independent in 1971, Kansai held the first Japanese fashion show 'Kansai in London' in London with success. Based on that connection, in 1973 he worked on David Bowie's costume.

However, the 'Kansai in Paris' held in Paris in 1974 failed. Mr. Kansai, who had a debt, ran a steady business and revived, and joined the New York collection in 1979. Opened boutiques in Paris in 1980. Since 1993, we have been holding a complex event 'KANSAI SUPER SHOW' that combines fashion and performance.

Kansai celebrates her birthday in 2019

In March 2020, Kansai announced that he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and is undergoing treatment.

However, he does not rest and continues his activity energetically. I was refraining from delivering ' Japan Genki Project 2020 Super Energy!! Produced by KANSAI YAMAMOTO ' titled 'I will wear any future!!', but the second daughter and actress Miki Yamamoto will give it in July 2020. It was announced that he died on Tuesday 21st. In the announcement, Mr. Miki revealed his desire to 'pass on the 'genki' of his father and Kansai together with the staff' at 'KANSAI SUPER STUDIO' while continuing his actress career.

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