Global sports makers 'Adidas' and 'Puma' were born after the fierce brother Genka

Adidas and Puma are both world-famous sports makers, but the founders of each company were brothers. It is said that there was a fierce 'brother Genka' in the background that the brothers established different sports makers, and a movie explaining its history is released on YouTube.

Adidas vs Puma-The Family Argument That Gave Rise to Sports Marketing-YouTube

Both Adidas and Puma are global sports brands...

Each head office and production site are on either side of a small town across the river. Employees who work for Adidas or Puma rarely go to the other side of the rival's base, across the river.

On both sides of the river, there are bakeries for Adidas or Puma employees.


There is a sports club.

The strange situation that divides the town into two...

The brother Genka seems to have started.

Adidas and Puma are headquartered in '

Herzogenaurach ', a small town with a population of about 20,000 in Bavaria , Germany.

The origin of the problem dates back to the start of the business of the brothers

Adolf Dassler and Rudolf Dassler in the town.

The Dassler brothers started their business after World War I.

Germany, which had been defeated in the First World War, was burdened with a large amount of compensation, leading to a high unemployment rate and rapid inflation.

Meanwhile, at a corner of a laundry shop run by the Dassler brother's mother...

My brother Adolf Dassler starts a shoe manufacturing business.

Adolf's business that manufactures durable shoes expanded in about three years...

My brother Rudolf Dassler participates in management.

Adolf was in charge of manufacturing shoes, and Rudolf was in charge of management.

It seems that the company name at this time was 'Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik'.

The patented Dassler Brothers running and football shoes have become very popular among athletes...

From the time when Adolf married his businessman's daughter, Kate, in 1932, a crack began to form between the Dassler brothers.

Rudolph's recollection also states that the brotherhood was perfect until about 1933...

When Kate, who was 16 years old at the time, wanted to be involved in management, the brothers' relationship became worse.

Even under such circumstances, the business of the Dassler brothers continued to grow. The 1936 Berlin Olympics will also help the Dassler brothers.

The sports maker benefited greatly because the National Socialist German Labor Party (Nazi Party) encouraged the people to exercise.

In addition, the Dassler brothers joined the Nazi Party like other managers in order to continue the business under the one-party dictatorship of the Nazi Party.

During the Berlin Olympics, Adolf turned to American track and field athlete

Jesse Owens .

Owens was an African-American who was exposed to Hitler's exclusionism, so it seems dangerous to use it for advertising purposes.

Adolf was aware of the danger and contacted Owens at the athletes' village.

When Adolf asked to wear specially made shoes, Owens liked shoes that were made of long spikes and sturdy leather and agreed to wear them.

Owens successfully won four gold medals to become an Olympic star and succeeded in making a big appeal to the Dassler Brothers shoes.

Rudolf was drafted in World War II, which began after that...

Adolf was not recruited to produce munitions products.

When Rudolf returns, the brother's fight becomes more intense.

Rudolph was taken prisoner of the US Army during the war...

I was convinced that Adolf and Kathe had sent out unfavorable information to the U.S. forces in order to expel themselves and take full control of the company.

In 1948, the Dassler Brothers company was finally dismantled...

Adolf and Kathe established a company called 'Adidas' from Adolf's nickname 'Adi', and Rudolph founded 'Puma'.

Each company was divided into two sides across the river, and the former employees were forced to choose which side to join.

In this way, two world-class sports makers with their head offices across the river in the same town were born.

At the World Cup held in Switzerland in 1954...

All the participating players wore Adidas shoes. As a result, Adidas will quickly become more popular.

Uwe Seeler, who was a former German national team forwarder, said that Adidas was very kind and had a close relationship.

Adidas has grown into a famous sports maker not only in Germany but also in the world in 20 years since its establishment.

The only major competitor was Puma, which has its headquarters across the river.

The existence of corporate espionage was a major concern for each other because they were close to each other.

At the Mexico City Olympics held in 1968...

Adidas and Puma will be the sponsors of the players and will promote the product.

This has created a new form that not only provides products to athletes for free, but also pays rewards in return for advertising.

Unfortunately, the Dassler brothers never settle...

The dispute passed on to the sons.

Adolf did not attend the funeral when Rudolf died in 1974.

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