Twitter permanently suspends 7,000 QAnon related accounts that spread conspiracy theory

7,000 Twitter accounts related to ' QAnon ', which spread US President Donald Trump as a savior and spread far-right conspiracy theory on various platforms, have been suspended because they violated Twitter policy.

Twitter bans 7,000 QAnon accounts, limits 150,000 others as part of broad crackdown

Keeping Your Twitter Safe and Secure Twitter Safety is revealing new initiatives on Twitter for QAnon-related activities.

In the past few weeks, QAnon-related Twitter accounts have frequently been violating Twitter's multi-account policy such as 'participating in harassment of Twitter users' or 'attempting to avoid account suspension measures'. So, Twitter announced that it will permanently suspend the account that performed the action.

In addition to this, Twitter 'does not display QAnon-related content and accounts on Twitter trends and recommendations' 'adjust so that QAnon-related activities are not emphasized in search and conversation' 'QAnon-related URLs on Twitter We also plan to implement three measures to prevent sharing with us.

In addition, “These actions will be rolled out comprehensively this week. We will continue to review QAnon-related activities across our services and update rules and enforcement again as needed.” When we face it, we're doing a lot of work to protect the conversation of the masses, and while staying transparent, we'll provide more context for our efforts.' ..

The number of accounts suspended was not disclosed in the Twitter Safety tweet, but a Twitter spokesperson responded to NBC News that ``about 150,000 accounts will be affected'' doing. Also, out of 150,000 QAnon-related accounts, the number of accounts that are permanently suspended due to harassment is '7,000'. In addition, Twitter has started blocking QAnon-related websites from the third week of July 2020, and explains that it plans to continue blocking QAnon-related URLs in the future.

Since the appearance of QAnon-related conspiracy theories on the Internet in October 2017, QAnon has been reportedly involved in kidnapping , harassing and murder cases . In 2019, the FBI pointed out that 'QAnon could become a terrorist.' A Twitter spokesman said, 'The FBI's report on the link between QAnon and dangerous activities in the real world helped Twitter make its decision.'

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