I tried Burger King's ``Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper'' which evolved into a ``shrimp merry-go-round'' with garlic shrimp

The Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper, which consists of Burger King's signature 100% direct-fire grilled beef patties and 6 pre-prepared garlic shrimp and plenty of rich tartar sauce, is available for a limited time. I immediately purchased and checked what kind of taste the new Wapper, which Burger King sings 'Merry-go-round of shrimp', is finished.

Shrimp Merry-Go-Round Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper-BURGER KING


I purchased 'Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper' (set: 1260 yen including tax, single item: 960 yen including tax) at Burger King.

The wrapping paper looks like this, and there was a handwritten letter 'TS'.

'Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper' looks like this.

Garlic shrimp flickers through the gap between the buns.

The size is about this size compared to the iPhone XS equipped with genuine Apple leather folio . The diameter is 13 cm, which is considerably larger than the burgers of hamburger shops such as McDonald's and Lotteria.

The buns are Sesame buns.

Under the buns are lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onion slices, bacon, garlic shrimp and beef patties.

The tartar sauce is visible from the gap between the ingredients.

Speaking of hamburgers using shrimp, there is McDonald's

Shrimp Filleo, but ``Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper'' is a hamburger that combines beef patties and 6 garlic shrimp, so the taste of beef patties and the pre-prepared texture of garlic shrimp Are standing firmly. At first glance, you can see that there is little garlic shrimp and tartar sauce, but when you eat it, there are plenty of both, and garlic shrimp has a presence that is comparable to 100% beef patties, tartar shrimp and beef patties It seems that the sources are well organized.

Burger King's ' Super One Pound Beef Burger ' and ' Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger ' had the impression that the amount of beef patties was too large and the sauce was obviously insufficient, but this time 'Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper' is a ingredient It was a burger that you can eat deliciously from the beginning to the end because the tartar sauce is well-balanced and the tartar sauce and fresh raw vegetables go well together.

The Tartar 6 Shrimp Wapper will be on sale for a limited time, so please check early if you are interested.

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