Free office suite 'LibreOffice' has a tag 'for individuals' and says 'I'll pay for it'

The development of open source software The Document Foundation (TDF) is a release candidate (RC1) of an office suite 'LibreOffice 7.0' on July 6, 2020 has been released , but the 'Personal Edition on this LibreOffice 7.0 RC1 Because it was tagged as '(for individuals), LibreOffice is calling for a charge that it will be charged.

LibreOffice: the next five years []

When it comes to corporate software projects, it's common for Personal Edition software to have some limited functionality in corporate software or to be delayed in publication. LibreOffice, on the other hand, is run by a community, not a company, and has been developed by several companies. So far, LibreOffice has been based on the principle of solid free software, and I was concerned that new paid versions other than 'personal' will be created and usage will be restricted.

In response, The Document Foundation issued a statement on July 6. I explained that there are no plans to change the license or availability of LibreOffice.

Board statement on the LibreOffice 7.0 RC 'Personal Edition' label-The Document Foundation Blog

Meanwhile, The Document Foundation said, “The'Personal Edition' tag is part of our marketing five-year plan, and now we have a free LibreOffice backed by our community and the services and products offered by members of our ecosystem. It is a differentiator of the set 'LibreOffice Enterprise'.' From here, we can also see that there is a plan to create a new version different from the free version and to make it partly paid.

However, 'the future, LibreOffice is than can not be used in educational institutions, such as companies and universities' that concern has been denied for, LibreOffice is always a free software, affect the license availability and use permit and functions There are no such changes or changes that affect end users, developers or community members. The Document Foundation apologized for causing misunderstanding in its statement.

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