Former Yahoo! engineer who hacked 6000 accounts to collect pornographic images, targeted for probation for 5 years

A court sentenced an engineer who had abused his or her authority to gain unauthorized access to more than 6000 total Yahoo! accounts, and the court proclaimed '

probation ' for five years.

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Yahoo engineer gets no jail time after hacking 6,000 accounts to look for porn | ZDNet

A former engineer who worked for Yahoo! from 2009 to 2018 used a personal account hacked into a database to collect a large amount of pornographic images and videos and stored them on his personal hard disk at home. .. The data size is about 2TB in total, and it is estimated that the maximum number of image and movie files was 4000. It also turned out to have been accessing personal information such as Apple iCloud and Gmail.

It turned out that Yahoo! engineers had invaded about 6000 accounts for sexual image purposes-GIGAZINE

The former engineer's hacking behavior was discovered and reported in June 2018 by a colleague engineer working at Yahoo!. When the former engineer found that his hacking had been revealed, he immediately left Yahoo!, destroyed his personal hard disk, and then destroyed the list of accounts to be hacked.


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The former engineer was arrested in August 2018 and pleaded guilty in September of the same year. The prosecution said, ``It is estimated that more than 6000 people were damaged by hacking, but the former engineer physically broke the personal hard disk, so I could not grasp the whole picture, and I could identify 3137 people Only'.

The former engineer was expected to be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 (about 27 million yen), but the court said that the former engineer was cooperative in the investigation and collected pornographic images Since he did not publish porn videos and online pornography, he judged that the motive of the former engineer was only self-satisfaction, and instead of imprisonment, he made an unusual judgment that ``I will impose home humbleness with protection inspection for 5 years''. Did. However, due to this home shy order, the former engineer is prohibited from going out for any purpose other than work, religious activities, medical care, or justice.

At the same time, the court ordered a former engineer to humble his house at the same time, and at the same time for Oath established by integrating Yahoo! and AOL, a fine of $ 5,000 (about 540,000 yen) and $ 118,456 (about 12.7 million yen) ) I'm ordering a refund.

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